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#1076047 Devils First Annual Santa-Con at the Rock 12/23's Game.

Posted by Quinn01 on 23 December 2011 - 10:24 PM

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#1073768 GDT: NJ Devils vs. Dallas Stars - Niedermayer Number Retirement

Posted by Quinn01 on 16 December 2011 - 05:28 PM

i hate to say im not feeling this game, i see stevens and danyeko and think its in bad taste to dallas

and i want habs and rags = #sheen hah

when they raise#30 =3D's and a Gman

dont chat you suck anymore ok, tell a friend

Start the celebratory drinking already?
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#1071804 GDT: 12/10/11 Canadiens vs Devils

Posted by Quinn01 on 11 December 2011 - 01:53 PM

You're retarded devsman. That is all.

Typical response by one of the two goons. You prove either of them wrong and they respond with a personal attack. :rolleyes:
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Posted by Quinn01 on 08 December 2011 - 11:21 PM

unknown poster and Colin should have a d#ck measuring contest in the bathroom of the rock during intermission.

Pre-Deb Placey or Post-Deb Placey?
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#1069316 The Kovy Conundrum

Posted by Quinn01 on 03 December 2011 - 01:03 AM

He doesn't need to earn it, he's already basically got it. Only chance we can get rid of him is if he darts to the KHL.

Touche. I just feel like if you "think" its what you are worth, then you better fvcking produce....or gtfo.
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#1066226 GDT Devils at Panthers

Posted by Quinn01 on 21 November 2011 - 10:53 PM

Trade Parise + Greene for Weber + pick.

Why risk Parise never rebounding to his old self? Why risk him leaving?

Get a stud defenseman and get rid of the joke that is Greene.

Would be a great move.

Are you really that stupid or are you just joking? Greene has been the best defender for us this season hands down. hes a +2 and has 8 points this season (Leading the defenders)

I have had enough of you bashing other members on here and just being a dick. Either say something smart and positive or fvck off. End of discussion.
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#1062518 KR-AV Jersey Auction anyone get one?

Posted by Quinn01 on 07 November 2011 - 02:20 PM

Paying 1000 beans for a sweaty jersey off Fayne's back...nice.

Hmmm....that sounds like a similar insult that I received over at the other NJDevs.com wanna be site. :rolleyes:
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#1059315 GDT: 10/25 Nj Devils @ LA Kings 7:30pm PST

Posted by Quinn01 on 25 October 2011 - 10:03 PM

Tallinder wasnt allowed to come out of the crease.

Clarkson looks like hes about to cry.
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#1055847 Separated at Birth?

Posted by Quinn01 on 11 October 2011 - 04:51 PM

Ovechkin and Richard Kiel.

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#1055614 GDT: Carolina Hurricanes @ New Jersey Devils

Posted by Quinn01 on 10 October 2011 - 04:43 PM

Dear DevilinLA , LucifersDog , devilsadvoc8 , NJCroMag , eaglejelly , kovy6667 , RSwizzle , justdo3043 , MantaRay , Scott O , CMONPETEYD , and skullsmasher

Suck it.

The New Jersey Devils.

Also from the rest of us at NJDevs.com:

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#1054014 Players' Numbers

Posted by Quinn01 on 05 October 2011 - 01:23 PM

so 18, 19, and 20 have not yet been issued, per the Devs website.


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#986731 Chris Terreri Great Save Against Palmieri

Posted by Quinn01 on 03 February 2011 - 06:59 PM

It's the same tool who had the enormous disgusting poop signature before.... either read the forum guidelines or don't post here, dude.

The dude just joined 4 days ago. Cut him some slack. :rolleyes:
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#986666 Queen Henrik's New Best Friend!

Posted by Quinn01 on 03 February 2011 - 02:54 PM

And then there is this.


At 5 seconds in, it sounds like he says "Only I farted."
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#986574 Chris Terreri Great Save Against Palmieri

Posted by Quinn01 on 03 February 2011 - 11:21 AM

Looks like Terreri's still got it. Who would have been recording this on the bench if the practices arent open to the public to begin with?

*Yes the title says against Kovalchuk but it was against Palmieri.
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#986436 Pandolfo back with the Devils (sort of)

Posted by Quinn01 on 02 February 2011 - 08:40 PM

Great news. I had heard from a team employee a few days ago he was returning in some capacity, but i didn't make too much of it until word officially came down today. Anyone who knows me personally knows he is one of my favorite Devils. I picked up yet another Pando game worn last week. I guess between this and the retro jersey it was a sign!

As soon as I read this topic, the first thing that came to mind was, "Oh boy, Kens going to be happy about this one." :lol:
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