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In Topic: Draft lottery tonight 8pm special start time

Yesterday, 07:04 PM

i think we should have a draft lotto chat

In Topic: Draft lottery tonight 8pm special start time

Yesterday, 05:13 PM

Buffalo Sabres – 25.0%
Florida Panthers – 18.8%
Edmonton Oilers – 14.2%
Calgary Flames – 10.7%
New York Islanders – 8.1%
Vancouver Canucks – 6.2%
Carolina Hurricanes – 4.7%
Toronto Maple Leafs – 3.6%
Winnipeg Jets – 2.7%
Anaheim Ducks (from Ottawa) – 2.1%
New Jersey Devils – 1.5%
Nashville Predators – 1.1%
Phoenix Coyotes – 0.8%
Washington Capitals – 0.5%


If the Devils win the lottery they'll have an immediate redraw. But my question is would they announce it if it somehow happens

I don' think so. IIRC, they have the cards with the logos already placed in big envelopes, I don' t think they would go through the whole process again with people watching

In Topic: Broduer Appreciation Thread

Yesterday, 12:18 PM

Damn...just watched a Brodeur tribute on YouTube and I've come to the conclusion that I'd be decimated if he wears another jersey. However, he has certainly earned the right to do as he pleases.

In Topic: 2013-2014 Lineup/Roster Thread

14 April 2014 - 03:15 PM

Salvador is very easily dealt.  He has one year left with no NTC on a deal that pays what an average NHL defenseman gets.  His numbers didn't stack up well against the other defenseman on the Devils, but I suspect they aren't that bad compared to the rest of the league. 


Volchenkov could be bought out.  You might also be able to trade him if he waives his NTC.  Only two years left, at an AAV that isn't that bad (Devils could retain some salary), and he's not that old.  I still think the Devils would be better off keeping Volchenkov.

When looking at Sal's numbers, they are basically league average ( I assume you're looking at Corsi and Fenwick). However, he is definitely propped up by the team/system and I bet teams who use analytics will realize this

In Topic: 2014 Draft Thread

14 April 2014 - 09:41 AM

A lot of fans, including myself, said they wouldn't be too upset giving up a pick that's not in the top 10. So, NJ finished 20th, which would've given us 11 overall.  Before the above declaration, we didn't have the 30th pick, so I guess downgrading 20 picks isn't the end of the world (though you're more likely to get an impact player at 11).


So here are NJ's picks:


1st round- 30

2nd round- 41

3rd round- 71

4th round- NO PICK (WPG for Ponikarovsky)

5th round- 131

6th round- 161

7th round- NO PICK (Arizona for Sullivan)

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