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Yesterday, 10:48 PM

Seriously though, I can't think of a better way to win for several reasons:


A) They played a solid defensive game after they gave up a 4 spot. Jets have been struggling to score and they largely shut down Wheeler, Ladd, E. Kane, Byfuglien, Little and Scheifele.


B) They killed off both penalties. This doesn't need an explanation.


C) A nice little come back. They stuck with it after not being able to create much and Ryder got a much needed goal


D) Schneider rebounded with an excellent game.


E) Larsson played very well, despite playing with Captain Salvador. Managed to pull a positive Fenwick Close, while Salvador was the worst dman on the team. Had some shifts when the Devils were chasing a goal and in overtime. Had some nice 1 on 1 defensive plays and did not play timid at all.


F) How many odd man rushes did Severson break up? Seriously, the guy is a stud.


G) Josefson got to play with offensively skilled players! Had a solid game and got promoted on a line with Boucher and Brunner. Usually, DeBoer would put Gionta in that spot



In Topic: GDT: Jets @ Devils

Yesterday, 10:23 PM

Oh wow...calmness in a GDT when we won the game, just like I predicted

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Yesterday, 10:58 AM

Err sorry. Section 5 lol

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Yesterday, 10:38 AM

i wonder how many tickets he gives away when he does things like this.. i saw someone on facebook won tickets from him also

They're 4 rows off the ice in section 105. Pretty awesome

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Yesterday, 10:12 AM

I read that Kane is questionable