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would Mikael Boedker be a good fit?

06 December 2014 - 09:48 AM

We all know coyotes wants to trade their players.


The one i would love here is Mikael Boedker. The guys is only 24 years old and i saw him as a 55 to 65 points a season. (maybe more he continues to improve)


Since we need offense i think bringing him make a lot of sense for our squat. He would brings speed, intensity, physicality and size. Also he may not be an elite skill players, but he have some offensive upside (good shot and an awesome backhand).


One more thing, Deboer like him a lot. He coachs him in Kitchener and always praise his performance (something rare for a young player.)


Your thought? Would you swap a young D for him?  

Why i deeply believe deboer should go.

30 November 2014 - 11:59 PM

There are some mental collapse there. It's how we loose game. Everytime we take a 2 or 3 goal leads, other team comebacks against us. That can't happen if your team is well prepared to play with an advance. We don't play with any confidence. When we trailed we dont show we can comeback and when we lead we doubt we can keep it. Yes we have an average lineup. But i still believe this team ( with actual roster) should makes the playoffs. With a new coach, there is no way a guy like ryder plays for us. We play to many liabilty, even our captain is not intense. Sloppy decision and plays. Our players ( except cammy, henrique and jagr) dont believe. We need character and all that is at the image of the coach. That's why a team like calgary, nashville etc are retlentless. They have that attitude and mentality that we use to have years ago. Calgary outwork their opponent every fvcking games. When they loose they dont talk about <<tough building or deserve better>> they talk about how they can get better. Im tired of excuses and i receive excuses for two years now. Pete deboer time is up with us let´s face it and turn the page. Yes he had a cup run in 2012, but let me remind us that the guys had all the motivation in the world the year before by jacques lemaire. And this team no longer exist. It no longer devils hockey to me. Our identity was to be tough to play against. Today, teams play their backup and beats us anyways. I became a fan of this team when i was a kid in the late 90 because they make me believe. No matter who they play, they will compete hard and give everything they have. A team that frustrate other team´s. A team that found ways to win. A team that you say( there is no easy game against them) well since 2012 we didn't see more of that hockey. We have to refind that... What hurt me the most is really the way we play. I want to be proud of that logo again.

Gdt Devils vs Senators

25 October 2014 - 07:40 AM

I will attend the game. The second game that i will attend live in my life, so i decide to start thread today. I have a record of 3-0-1 so why not. I will make it simple. We want a win. 4 lost in a row is enough! I will update the page if we have lineup change.

Players to watch: cammalleri has been shutdown the last couple of game .. He should bounce back. I have a feeling that Damien Brunner could have another good game.

Let go devils! A win and we can stop be raging against this team!

I will attend the game vs Ottawa october 25

17 October 2014 - 10:00 PM

Second live Devils game i will attend in my life!


Anyone is going? Any ways i can get an autograph from a player?