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In Topic: GDT: Washington @ Devils 7:00 PM

Today, 02:14 AM

It's the damn truth. A very honest assessment of the team vs the Capitals.


I missed the game but didn't flinch when I saw the score. I don't know if there was any booing tonight (I'm going to assume there was), but it's a lot easier when you can accept this team is not very good, not for a lack of coaching, not for a lack of effort, but because of a lack of speed, skill, talent, whatever....


Bad teams don't get booed every night by the home team after a loss. Fans shouldn't buy a ticket expecting the roster out there lately to be a good one. When you see the 12 forwards out there tonight, don't even expect a goal.


Last year, I'd post 20-30 times a week (it felt like), about this roster move and this player not on this line, but right now it's clear it doesn't matter. No one is going to move the middle much. This team is not good. And for now, that's okay.

Last year, we also knew that no matter how good or bad we did, we weren't changing our draft position. This year, with what's being hyped as the best draft since '03, the draft is huge.

I cannot stress how much I would love a 2nd 1st rd pick this year. I'd consider trading one of the outgoing UFAs along with perhaps Gelinas in order to get even a low 1st rd pick. Say Jagr+Gelinas for a ~20-30th pick from a top team.

In Topic: GDT: Washington @ Devils 7:00 PM

Today, 01:12 AM

He's in his usual routine much like Harrold where you come up and play well for a few games maybe score a goal and nab a couple assists and then turn into a pumpkin again. Bernier is not an NHL caliber player anymore to the point where he should be playing regularly. Neither is half our forwards for that matter.

What are you talking about? The guy has 8 points in 23 games. That's an average of 1 every 3 games. At this point he's been held pointless over the past 4 games. It's not like the guy has gone completely cold. He passes well, forechecks well, generally plays hard. I don't at all get the Bernier hate.

At this point, I'll take Bernier over Havlat on the RW.

In Topic: 2014-15 Prospect Thread

Today, 12:16 AM

You know what number he wore? I might check out that video, but it's not always easy to read the nameplates between the video and my pc screen.

EDIT: Nevermind. He's wearing #11 it would appear.

In Topic: GDT: Washington @ Devils 7:00 PM

Today, 12:11 AM

The Devils need to issue a written apology on their website for this game and issue refunds for all paying customers. As well as a promise that human pieces of excrement named Sestito, Harrold, Sislo, and Bernier never see NHL ice in Devils colors again

What is it that everyone has against Bernier? The guy has been great for a 4th liner this year. When he's being forced to play on what is essentially the 2nd line because we have no RW depth, a problem exacerbated by having to scratch Ryder who's on a 20 game goalless streak, he doesn't look great anymore. That being said, I think he was just fine tonight. Didn't look terribly out of place.

In Topic: Is it time to trade Cory Schenider?

Today, 12:08 AM

It's not only about return it's about what you're replacing him with.  Replacing Cory with Kinkaid after three NHL starts is more or less like scratching a lottery ticket and hoping you hit it big.  If Kinkaid plays 15 or so games this year, 20-25 next year and proves he can start then talk to me about getting value back.  Even then you won't have seen Kinkaid as 'the guy' any more than you saw Cory as the guy before his big deal.


Getting value is meaningless if you patch up one hole with a partial solution and create another gaping one in the process.  We're totally jumping the shark as a fanbase talking about trading Cory after three games of Kinkaid.

Totally agree about robbing Peter to pay Paul and not really solving the bigger problem of creating a winning team, but finding a competent goalie is a lot easier than finding a top line forward, especially an elite talent like Taylor Hall.