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Today, 04:25 AM

I try to be reasonable.  I'm actually not nearly as pissed as many have been about this season to date...I think mostly because I didn't have terribly high expectations coming into this season...once Lou finished making his offseason moves I saw an "if" team that might be pretty good if everything broke right.  Of course, with "if" teams, things don't often break right...not enough, anyway.  This is a team in transition that will soon filter out the last link to the "old guard" (Elias).  The older "we signed them because we didn't have prospects of our own" guys will soon follow.  A completely new identity will be coming out of necessity...even more so if Lou soon leaves (he can't do this forever).


I've tried HF and devilsrule, and neither did anything for me.  This is really the only message board that I spend serious time on.  Crash does an awesome job with football every week, so I get my football fix there.  I take part in the Met thread every year too, but at times it feels more like my own blog, due to the other guys not posting as much as I'd like. 


Re:  Tri, you gotta get past the general humorlessness and often complete lack of bedside manners, but let's face it, even though he sometimes comes off as though he thinks he invented some of these advanced metrics, he's really the one who has made a lot of posters here aware of their existence in the first place, and he was posting about them before they became more commonplace...the board would absolutely NOT be a better place without his contributions.  And when he's inclined, he does a pretty solid job explaining what they mean and why we should at least consider them.  Some like advanced numbers, some don't, but the way I see it, the more numbers you have to flesh out what your eyes are seeing, the better you can make sense of what you're watching.  Those numbers always aren't as much "fun" as talking about the more familiar glamour numbers, but as we're seeing, they have a lot of importance.  What's interesting (and this is a testament to how a board like this is a great place to come to, just because you do get so many perspectives) is that people talk hockey so much differently now than they did 20-30 years ago.  You knew who was flashy, who could score, who could be a feeder/set-up guy, who could defend, which defensemen could put up pretty offensive numbers, etc.  Now people talk about play-drivers, what zones players are in for face-offs, what players elevate their teammates' play (and hurt them), etc.  Hockey is being talked about on a much deeper level now, a much more thinking man's level, and boards like this, and the internet in general, have really facilitated that in a big way...and a good one at that.   

Have to agree with you about Tri. My first real discussion with him was me arguing with him, getting fairly animated while doing so, about whether a defenseman has an effect on a goalie's save %. At that point, I was nearly completely ignorant of advanced stats. Since then, I've learned a lot and have really bought into advanced stats and their efficacy. Tri can definitely be a bit abrasive, especially when his opinion is completely opposite of your opinion, but he's truly this boards advanced stat guru and if he were to leave, it would be a real loss.

If pretty much any of the posters here left it would be a loss as almost everyone here provides a bit of a different perspective on the team and life in general. Aside from the occasional arguments from what always seems like the same few people arguing the same few topics, this board is fantastic. I'll put up with the occasional silly argument in order to keep the board's laissez faire method of moderating that keeps this mood light and allows for passionate discussion on the team we all love.

Also, I'll pile on about how the lack of ads is awesome. Everyone should be using the Amazon link when they do any shopping, but especially so with the amount of money we all will be spending due to the holidays coming up. Generously, after using the link to spend a fair amount on work related items, DM turned the ads off for me as a way to say thanks for supporting the forum and I'm grateful to not have to see any ads at all. Definitely a great little perk.

In Topic: GDT - 11/25/14: Devils @ Canucks 10:00pm EST

Today, 04:07 AM

Zidlicky was as bad as 2 Salvador's tonight. Just awful.

He wasn't great and he got caught on that 2nd goal, but it's still a tough break to have Schneider make the save only for the puck to bounce off your skate and into the net. He's had worse games before where the mistakes didn't end up as a goal for the other team, but tonight they went in on 2 of them. Bad game, but also a hefty dose of bad luck.

What's worse than that is the offense barely putting up a fight. I mean, you're not gonna win many games where you only get 20 shots on goal while allowing nearly double that number for the other team. Cory was again the only reason this loss wasn't worse than it was. 36 saves on 38 shots is a pretty good game and he couldn't have done much more to have prevented those two goals, they are on the team, not him. He definitely earned the 2nd star. He was honestly better than Miller, but you're never gonna see the losing goalie getting the 1st star over a guy who pitched a shutout, no matter how easy it was.

In Topic: Jaromir Jagr Quotes Thread

Today, 03:59 AM

From TG's blog, Jagr on his turnover last night with the net empty:

Jagr fell for some Flames’ trickery in the final minute of regulation of Saturday’s 5-4 shootout loss in Calgary. With the Devils protecting a 4-3 lead, he had chased down the puck in the offensive zone to negate an icing, but then threw the puck out from behind the net on an ill-advised attempted centering pass, turning it back over to the Flames, who then came down and scored the tying goal with five seconds left.

“Somebody screamed my name. Somebody called, ‘Jags!’” he said. “That’s what happened. It’s tough. I thought they were there. So, if I would be a little bit slower, it would be a different story. It’s the first time I actually outskate somebody and look at what happened. I’ll never do that again. I’m just going to go my speed. That’s smarter.”

That's a tough break there. Smart, sneaky move by the Calgary skater there though. It may only work once in a blue moon, but it doesn't hurt to try the tap the stick, call for the pass move and see if you can trick an opposing player into passing the puck right to you.

In Topic: The Devils' Right Wing Issue

Today, 01:52 AM

Zibanejad was a healthy scratch for Ottawa in their win against St. Louis last night.

In Topic: 2014-15 Prospect Thread

Today, 01:46 AM

Man, Kerfoot's just been on a tear so far this year. Putting up 1.67ppg.

I don't follow NCAA hockey much. How does that compare to other prospects playing college hockey? I imagine that's pretty good, but I also imagine that 21% shooting percentage will come back to Earth eventually.