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Trade Deadline 2015

12 January 2015 - 04:36 PM

I figured since we're halfway through January and with the deadline about 6 weeks away, it's about the time where teams begin to realize that the playoffs are truly out of reach and will decide they should sell at the deadline. The around the league thread gets enough traffic as is, so I thought this deserved it's own thread.

So start off, I've been wondering if the team will try to trade one of the young defenseman during the season or if they'll wait to see if there's more interest in the offseason. I doubt the team moves Severson and Helgeson isn't worth enough to bring back anything worthwhile, so it's gotta be one of Merrill, Larsson or Gelinas. With Gelinas being out of the lineup so much this year, I wonder if he still has enough value around the league in a trade too.

I'm starting to think the best value would be to trade one of Merrill or Larsson for a RW, unless the team thinks that unloading Zidlicky at the deadline for a young RW is better than getting a pick for him. In which case moving one of the young d might not be necessary until we see if someone like Santini pushes for a spot in training camp next year.

Just wanted to know what everyone thinks about this and any other trade rumors and whatnot could be posted here as well.