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In Topic: Zubrus

23 August 2014 - 02:37 PM

I hope he doesn't hurt himself. He falls down a  lot when on skates ;-)


Zubes is an awesome guy!

In Topic: Lou, Harris speak

14 August 2014 - 04:40 PM

I was just about to post on this....


Harris spoke about missing the postseason in 2014, stressing that he still believes in Lamoriello. 
“Lou and I are very different. We’re different ages and we’ve had different experiences,” Harris noted. “But I buy into his system and the reality is, stuff happens. It was a difficult situation before we got here. I don’t know how much of that reflected itself.

“You had a lot of complexity around Kovalchuk and some other things. It was a disappointing season. I see it. I was unhappy. I didn’t like being home watching the playoffs on TV. I wanted to be in the playoffs. That’s not lost on me. At the same time, good people and good systems can have disappointing years. We’re long term. We’re focused on making this a great franchise over the long term.”


Harris on the Devils missing the playoffs two straight years: “In sports something goes wrong, what do you do? The coach gets fired or the GM gets fired. Someone has to be blamed, and I don’t really buy into that. I look into things and assess them from my own point of view. I don’t do things that I think are in the long run poor for a franchise because someone wants me to do something.

“I think people change too quickly in sports, as a general matter, because they want to show the public they’re doing something. I don’t think there is any change that needs to occur right now. It’s a proven system. I’ve looked at it from the inside and I’ve looked at it from the outside. I like what’s going on. Now it’s about how can we make it better?”




.....I read this as Lou better get us into the playoffs this year or I am guessing Harris may make a change.....or seriously consider it (It is clear he already has given it some thought)

In Topic: Careful what you wish for, Devils fans

03 August 2014 - 08:06 PM

I don't think Fayne's deal was ridiculous at all. Just it was a contract that Lou couldn't give out.


If Lou had matched that deal, there would be a lot of people out here using adjectives worse than that.

In Topic: Careful what you wish for, Devils fans

01 August 2014 - 11:09 AM

W.R.T. Fayne, Lou did not chose to let him go. In fact Lou tried to keep him but he got a ridiculous contract from EDM. Larsson/Gelinas are Lou's second choice.

In Topic: Andy Greene Signed +5 years @ $5M Per Season

31 July 2014 - 12:58 AM

I'm with you. Since this deal only starts in 2015, you might only get two good years out of this contract. There is some risk.


But, I'm happy he's back. He has so few miles on him, so that's a plus. Less than 600 pro games; that's pretty nutty.


On another note, I love how members of the media had such trouble accurately describing what Greene does well. I saw +/- stats thrown out and blocked shots #.



If we only get 2 years out of this contract that would be a disaster.


There is a risk with any long term contract but I think Lou properly played the odds here and if he has a 2014-15 like last year he was in for a BIG payday.

He could have gotten 6+ on the FA market and then to keep him the Devils would have paid way more. And the CAP stays the same this year now!


This is a really fair deal.

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