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In Topic: Rangers-Caps shootout

28 November 2005 - 10:38 AM

The shootout is too popular in it's early stages to expect it to go away, but really the biggest problem the NHL has is that it CLAIMS that the reason for the shootout is to ELIMINATE ties.

If the goal is REALLY to eliminate ties, then there should be no points for the loser.

In the NHL, each game has always been worth 2 points. Until the past few years, which saw losers of OT games gain 1 point. So now all games are worth 2 points except for the handful worth 3.

How do you justify that?

A team that plays a 5-5 tie and goes to OT or shootout and loses gets a point, but a team who plays a 0-0 tie for 59 minutes and gives up a goal with 30 seconds to go gets no points.


THAT is what ruins the integrity of the NHL.