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Boston Bruins

15 July 2005 - 02:52 AM

The Boston Bruins fans and sport people are veery excited about new CBA.

They have most players signed with only 5 to 6 M of the cap used so they say including Thorton. They see an open market of talented players to pick from and have the money to do so within the cap. So everyone is very excited.

Harry Sinden says the Fans were the biggest losers and the NHL must to everything to win the fans back. He's so cheap will he reduce ticket prices? Isles offered season ticket at same price with financial penality that's winning the fans back I am sure.

What will the Devils who are the third highest at one time do with there ticket prices.

I think leave them the same or at best a 10% reduction.

There should have been a cap on the ticket prices with a reductionof 24% and an escrow account to be given to the team if the team played well and got to the next to the last round of the playoffs.

Thanks DM

Robinson as coach

15 July 2005 - 02:45 AM

I am glad that Larry was named as coach. Period.

He's much more defense than offense and he has tried offence in the past without success, long term.

Lou's decision to pick Larry was a financial one. The Devils were under contract to pay Larry as a consultant so having him as a coach instead of a consultant and another coach reduces the management cost.

But of the names mentioned as a coach for the Devils Larry was the right choice.

It was Stevens that got him fired. Maybe Stevens won't be back this season.

Blues Owners say:

18 June 2005 - 05:47 AM


Lauries 'getting out of sports in St. Louis'Associated Press

ST. LOUIS -- The owners of the St. Louis Blues announced their plans to sell the franchise on Friday, citing tens of millions of dollars in losses.

Wal-Mart heirs Bill and Nancy Laurie decided to sell the NHL franchise because of heavy financial losses and concerns about the future after a lockout canceled the entire 2004-05 season.

"The Lauries made the decision to sell the team and the Savvis Center because they can no longer justify remaining active in a business which has lost more than $60 million in the past two years and is certain to continue to lose millions annually in the years ahead," Blues president Mark Sauer said in a statement.

The Lauries hold a long-term lease agreement on the Savvis Center, which is owned by the city.

The combined cash deficits of the Blues and Savvis Center since the building opened in late 1994 have exceeded $225 million, Sauer said. The Lauries' decision to sell was first reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Friday.

"Substantial future losses are projected even if you take into account what we believe will be a very successful resolution to NHL collective bargaining," Sauer said. "Those projected losses result from the current high sales and amusement taxes and the absence of city, county and state financial support of the debt service and operations of Savvis Center."

Game Plan LLC -- a Boston-based company that found buyers for the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Boston Celtics and the Ottawa Senators -- was hired to conduct the search for a new owner.

Sauer said keeping the team in St. Louis remains the Lauries' top priority but that "they are getting out of sports in St. Louis."

This isn't the first time there's been some question about the Blues' future.

The team almost moved to Saskatchewan in the 1980s before California businessman Harry Ornest stepped in with a group of companies to buy the Blues and the old St. Louis Arena. Ornest sold the team and the arena for $31 million to local investors in 1986.

The Lauries paid $100 million to buy the Blues in September 1999. A phone message left for the Lauries through their Paige Sports Entertainment offices in St. Louis was not immediately returned.

A previous ownership group, Clark Enterprises, spent more than $70 million over the previous four years to cover shortfalls on the team and the arena.

Savvis Inc., which has held the naming rights for the building since 2000, announced Thursday that it would pay $5.5 million for an early termination of its 20-year agreement.

Also SeeWant a hockey team? Blues reportedly up for sale

Will clubs ever recover?

16 June 2005 - 08:48 PM

As stated in this article the value of clubs have crumbled. Will they ever again retain their original value? I don't think so, not all. Maybe a few will. What happen this past season can happen again. Fans and advertiser may never come back in same volume or price. Merchandise won't be purchased at same rate or price. Price of tickets will have to go up so there will be fewer fans in the seats, less hotdogs and programs and beers sold. Less parking revenue. The Entertainment Product won't be as good as it was before the CBA fight and lockout. Owners suffered financially more than we think and will in the future, nore than planned for. I think the Devils will take a big hit attendance wise because they were alredy suffering before last season.


Disney dumps NHL Ducks during labor shutdown

June 16, 2005
NEW YORK (AFP) - When the National Hockey League returns from a labour dispute that wiped out the entire 2004-2005 season, The Walt Disney Company will not be coming back as owners of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.

The NHL Board of Governors has unanimously approved the sale of the Ducks to Henry and Susan Samueli pending the expected closure of the sales transaction, the league announced in a statement here Thursday.

No purchase price was announced but it undoubtedly was less than the team would have commanded a year ago before the lost season.

Values of all NHL clubs have crumbled since the labour dispute that wiped out a 2.1 billion-dollar industry and left top players to play for European clubs or sit out and wait for union and league leaders to hammer out a deal.

Disney was a prized ownership group when it bought the franchise and named it for a series of movies about a youth ice hockey team, the Mighty Ducks, but the club had been for sale for some time.

NJ Devils Award for NJ

02 June 2005 - 07:17 PM



East Rutherford, NJ