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In Topic: This Red Bulls commercial

02 November 2013 - 03:28 PM

I had partial season tickets for RBNY this past year and went to numerous other games not in my package, and will be at every playoff game as well. I don't give a sh!t that Red Bull owns the team. Red Bull is pretty good anyways. Aside from that, every soccer team almost in the world is sponsored by a company. Teams abroad have gambling websites on their jerseys, bread logos, airliners, etc. I live in South Jersey so naturally I would prefer New Jersey in the name, but whatever. The team won the Supporter's Shield and is able to allocate resources from RB to obtain players like Tim Cahill and Thierry Henry. So I can live with that.


Giants and Jets associate with NY just as much as the Red Bulls do as well, why are we not bitching about that? And all of us here that support baseball support NY teams probably since NJ does not have one. It's just the facts of life people. I'd love it if RBNY became RBNJ and NYJ were the NJJ but until it happens, oh well.



PS, Dax lives in NY.