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In Topic: 2008 Undrafted Free Agents

03 April 2008 - 10:05 AM

I'm hearing that Matt Gilroy will not go pro this year, which must be a shocker to the dozen or so reporters that wrote about him bolting the minute his season ended, but not so surprising if you know him or his family.

Maybe next year though. He'd look damn good on our blueline.

However, if this rumor is false, and he does sign with someone other than the Devils, I'm gonna punch the guy that told me.

In Topic: 2008 Undrafted Free Agents

30 March 2008 - 05:20 PM

I have seen almost every game Matt Gilroy has played at the collegiate level. I could talk about the kid for days.

Instead, here's a video ---> Gilroy walks on to Stardom

I should warn you though, Matty grew up an Islanders fan and they are also trying to sign him. Hell, he's the only Islanders fan I've ever met. And while he could certainly put on weight, don't expect him to get any bigger. I don't think his frame could handle it; he's built like Paul Martin.

And of course, the Devils should go after Ryan Duncan of the Sioux, but St. Louis has the upper hand in signing him.

There are also a pair of forwards from UNH, Mike Radja and Matt Fornataro, that are now available to be signed. And if we're gonna pick up another D-man, I'd like to give Colorado College's Jack Hillen a shot.