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Poll Time

29 July 2011 - 06:33 PM


VERY RANDOM poll question

25 July 2011 - 11:04 PM


Will Lemaire...

12 July 2011 - 12:29 PM

...coach the Devils next season? :evilcry:

New CBA ideas- Thinking out loud

04 July 2011 - 10:15 PM

1) Current player contracts stand as-is, but with contracts signed after 7-1-2012, the cap hit is the amount a player makes that particular season, not the average of the entire contract.
Wouldn't that balance out a lot of the front loading?

2) Max player contract of 6-7 years. 10 if you drafted the player.

3) I'll call this one the 'Wade Redden' rule. If a team tries to hide a contract in the AHL, they are responsible for 1/2 the cap hit if the player is not in the final year of his contract.

4) Salary cap keeps going up and down, based on revenue. Salary floor should be kept in place (If teams can't afford it, there should not be a team in the city anyway).

5) No Gary Bettman.

Comments? Concerns? :koolaid:


01 July 2011 - 10:28 PM

Poll time. :evil: