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#1127922 Me & Gordie

Posted by daneyko_booster on 04 June 2012 - 06:25 PM

Doesn't Mark Howe work for the Red Wings as a scout? When I got a tour of the Rock and we were up in the rafters where the press and scouts sit, he was on the list as part of the Red Wings org.

Back in 1995 I watched the Devils win the Stanley Cup against the Wings in Parry Sound, the birthplace of Bobby Orr which is proudly proclaimed on every sign you see driving into the city.

When I was living in Toronto, I used to watch a lot of old hockey on Leafs TV, because they replay whole games from when they were winning Cups in the 60s. They beat the Wings in Detroit to win a Cup, and during the post-game celebrations on the ice which involved a person with a microphone interviewing Leafs players over the PA system, Gordie skated out and offered sincere and humble congratulations to the Leafs. One of the classiest things I've seen in sports.

Which is funny, because Gordie was one of the dirtiest SOBs to ever lace up skates. Whenever I saw him on the ice, he always reminded me of Mark Messier. Both were prototypical power forwards with a mix of tremendous skill with an equal helping of nastiness. Long before he was known as Mr. Hockey, he was known amongst the players as Mr. Elbows. Moose wasn't as dominant as Gordie, but they sure played a lot alike, even though it was Gretzky who idolized Howe.

Heard a funny story about how there was a pact amongst players from Saskatchewan that they never went after each other, regardless of which team you were playing for. Saskatchewan was so dirt poor that they wouldn't risk each others' livelihoods. I can't remember which player it was, but a rookie fellow Saskatchewanian followed him into the corner and took a butt end to the mouth, which knocked out a bunch of teeth. Gordie then realised who it was, and the next time they were on the ice together, he offered a sincere apology with a promise it would never happen again, and ended it with "That's all your getting though, and don't be looking for revenge, cuz then I'll forget you're from Saskatchewan."

You are fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with a true legend.

Despite a life-long hatred of the Leafs, I always watched the 60s games, because I went to Eddie Shack's hockey school, and Ron Ellis ran the practices for my house league team when I was 10. I know how those kids felt seeing the Stanley Cup ring. Seeing Ellis' ring, and hearing the stories of what it was like playing in Russia in the Summit Series, was truly magical.

Anyhow, I won't bore you with any more of my reminiscences, I'm just trying to distract myself so I don't go insane with anxiety about the game in an hour or so... ;-)
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#1119832 Maybe if Parise leaves, we can get Patrick Kane

Posted by daneyko_booster on 14 May 2012 - 08:52 PM

Peggy: Patrick, how do you score from the left side?

Patrick: Well, first Patrick Kane has to choke a bitch, then a little juke, a little fake, and you're in!
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