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#990036 .gif of Kovalchuk's Celebration Tonight

Posted by этотсайтебут on 11 February 2011 - 10:05 PM


I put a little * up by my post.

I think more people will get the hint if you put NSFW rather than an asterisk. Take it however you want, but its merely a friendly suggestion for following proper internet protocol.

Edit - disregard, i see what you mean. good call.
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#990014 .gif of Kovalchuk's Celebration Tonight

Posted by этотсайтебут on 11 February 2011 - 09:32 PM

That crap is all over the internet. There isnt anything I can do about taht but I do use that website to make .gif avatars and it always comes out really well. I didnt put it there for the filthy garbage.

In any event, just put NSFW regardless of your intention. Just an FYI
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#983839 2012 Jets Thread

Posted by этотсайтебут on 24 January 2011 - 09:20 PM

jets nation. turn that frown upsidedown
BREAKING NEWS: T.O. and Ochocinco want to play for the Jets next season.

Ochocinco yes, but TO?? F that. The Jets should stay as far away as possible from TO.
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#983253 PL3 Has Broken Hand

Posted by этотсайтебут on 22 January 2011 - 07:45 PM

I guess Leblond's hand is feeling better...got into a fight about 3 minutes into tonight's Albany game.

Wow, that's what I call healing power.
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#982401 New to the site

Posted by этотсайтебут on 20 January 2011 - 05:03 PM

I had a longer post written, but the issue you ran into was that you blatantly disrespected the admin. I get what you were driving at, but the way you went about it was not advisable. I run an AHL board, and if you did that to me, I'd have given you some time off too. "Don't tell me how to run my board" and all that.

Anyway, DevilMinder (the site owner) and msweet (his right-hand man) are usually pretty chill guys. They really don't ask for much from us, just that we behave, so they get ticked when their requests go ignored or someone disrespects them. As far as the community at large goes, people might get on you if you hammer a certain point more often than warranted (see MantaRay and his anti-Kovalchuk crusade), but basically, as long as you're willing to take it as good as you give it, you should get along all right. Some people will argue with you until the cows come home if you let them, but that's to be expected.

Actually, my issue is not with DevilMinder. Obviously he can do as he pleases, regardless if I disagree or not. I wasn't trying to tell him what to do as much as remind Quinn that he had just gone against what was put out. Eitherway this is getting rediculous. Thanks for the welcoming and the tips. I look forward to contributing to the forums in a positive manner.
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#982399 New to the site

Posted by этотсайтебут on 20 January 2011 - 05:00 PM

I've been here a few years. As a regular, you are bound to encounter many different personalities on and off this board. I've made good friends and contacts and i've made enemies and some bad feelings, it goes with the terriritory just like in life.

What i have never done on this site was put someone on ignore until now.

Sorry, Cyrillic Man. You come across as a complete toolbox based on your last two replies.

Before i finalize my adding you to ignore, why don't we agree for you to do the same with me. That way, we can avoid one another for all terms.

You clearly live in a world where only you can act a certain way however no one dare have the gall to respond as such. LOL you are such a porcelain doll. Now go back to your shelf, look pretty, have a tea party or whatever blows your skirt up. I don't plan to argue with your every post, nor start some long feud. I will not, on the other hand, put up with your garbage solely because you are some pompous long time poster. I respect that you are somebody around here, perhaps down the road we'll see eye to eye. Until then I'll try not to bother you by looking down at you too much. Have a good one, sister.
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#982370 Former Devil Mike Danton seeks a return to the NHL

Posted by этотсайтебут on 20 January 2011 - 03:11 PM

Good luck to him. Anyone who can right their wrongs deserves any success they generate for themself.
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#982366 New to the site

Posted by этотсайтебут on 20 January 2011 - 03:03 PM

Eh, it's like CRASHER said, you didn't run into the "in" crowd, you just happened to wander in on a topic that is a really sore spot for a select few. I can't speak for DM, but I don't think the suspension was an "initiation"; most admins get antsy when a newbie immediately starts throwing punches. I'll admit, I thought you were a troll or a sock puppet at first too, glad to see I was wrong. It's all good, though; assuming you're not in the habit of attacking people, you'll probably do fine here.

On a lighter note, how does one pronounce your username?

LOL beats the hell out of me, I just typed in a bunch of Russian cyrillic characters. I'm diggin your use of "sock puppet," In any event, thanks for the pointer, I would have thought people who claim to be grown adults would be able to take what they dish out, regardless the source. I'm definitely not a habitual attacker, unless someone is habitually stupid or wrong. As long as it's not profane, what's the issue with objective stances? I certainly hope that this site doesn't embrace autocracy as displayed by a few, that it embraces anyone's stance as long as it is conveyed in a civil manner, and does not choose sides when one merely reciprocates the tone conveyed by the initiator.
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#982363 New to the site

Posted by этотсайтебут on 20 January 2011 - 02:56 PM

For someone who claims to be "new" here, you seem to have alot of opinion, issues and observations about what goes on here with people.

IMO, true "newbies" don't come out flying like you did or continue on here like you have. You seem to be more then familiar with this community moreso then your average noob.

The targeting and issues with Quinn and myself right off the bat is not coincidental. To question DM and site "politcs" like you have, 10 posts in, is not a sign of someone "green".

If you have read here for awhile or coming from another site (which i believe to be so) and don't care for some people or some things here, then fine. Don't be a tool about it which includes your parting shot above.

Excuse me for not being clear. I've been a reader of the site for a while and decided to join. I suppose my timing for engaging a rough topic was off. Please explain to me your concept of having to earn the right to have an opinion, since you seem to have a problem with me having one while not being a long time member. This makes no sense. I think you have me all wrong, which doesn't bother me as much as it shows you seem to be an utterly sensitive and self-centered type of personality. Take that for what its worth, but if you are going to put me under the microscope, I will always return the favor. I'm up for all challeneges and arguments, I apologise for coming off so strong. Now, moving forward, please shake off whatever it is that seems to have wounded your pride or trampled your ego.

I agree with the jersey idea being a great idea, and the supporting reasoning is very strong. I took exception to your profane bashing of others who are generally stating a point of view. I realize now that there must be some sort of fued that I'll avoid like the plague. Onward and upward, here's your chance to accept my apology. If not, have fun solving your proclaimed mystery of who you think I am, inspector.
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#982218 New to the site

Posted by этотсайтебут on 20 January 2011 - 10:49 AM

I'll give you a quick summary as to why. Your first post had content that attacked me and your second post was to take a shot at Quinn. You joined on the wrong foot and when it came time for to you to run to the site owner to point fingers, you got a message sent.

Thanks for the insight, however you and Quinn were as in the wrong, probably more so, than anyone. I'm not trying to say I'm innocent; however, I find it odd that one gets a "message sent" as you put it, while the others are off "scott free". This does not convey the most liberal message to users of this site. Eitherway, as I diagnosed, you must be part of the in crowd. If you can't stand adversity or objection to your feelings, that's on you. I will, on the other hand, make sure to avoid any topics involving you and Quinn since there is no point getting punished for stating a point of view in the same direct and profane manner as utilized by the two of you.

Enjoy your day, may your upturned nose fill with no clouds my new found friend! All the best
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#982119 New to the site

Posted by этотсайтебут on 19 January 2011 - 11:20 PM

Well it's not an "in group" as much as a small group of people that all need to have a massive steel cage match and get over it... and themselves too :ECW:

Don't worry about it :P

LOL it's all good, I'm just rather confused with what can and can't be said since those who are profane get off with a cute joke reference to Animal House, and I get a suspension for......wait, where does it say quoting is illegal exactly?? Perhaps it's some sort of initiation.
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#982116 New to the site

Posted by этотсайтебут on 19 January 2011 - 10:59 PM

Hi everyone, fan since 1982, member since yesterday. Apparantly I already logged a suspension, sorry about that, wasn't trying to come off like a troll. While I'm still perplexed, I know now that there is a bit of an IN crowd around here so I'll make sure to avoid your topics.

Anyway, I'm loving the turnaround in play as of late, I hope the ball keeps rolling in the right direction. Lets send the Pens home with that "'I just pumped the neighbors cat' look on their face" (Clint Eastwood-Heartbreak Ridge).
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#981766 Langenbrunner Just scored for Dallas

Posted by этотсайтебут on 18 January 2011 - 10:03 PM

You're missing the point.

This kid Quinn seems to miss a lot of points. Funny he doesn't seem to extend the olive branch to fellow fans that he disagrees with like he does a scrutinized player.
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#981760 New Jersey Devils Jerseys

Posted by этотсайтебут on 18 January 2011 - 09:50 PM

Dude...what does that even mean? Are you seriously that big of a piece of sh!t? Have you ever met, let alone SEEN Ken (unknown poster)? At what point through your simple mind does that even seem like a rational reaction?

Take a fvcking hike my man. :rolleyes:

DevilMinder, didn't you just threaten a ban for continuation of profane slander?
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#981757 New Jersey Devils Jerseys

Posted by этотсайтебут on 18 January 2011 - 09:31 PM

Devils Rule aka DR SUCKS! why dont you two whiney bitches (hurricane and adam) go back and post there :cheers:

I'm sensing some hostilities, did you get your pride wounded over there? Lighten up, let's not start a useless board war.
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