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#981707 Sidney Crosby considers skipping All-Star Game in protest

Posted by этотсайтебут on 18 January 2011 - 05:13 PM

Incidental or not, it was still a hit to the head. The enforcement of the headshot rule in the NHL is embarrassingly inconsistant. I would applaud Crosby for making a stand as I would any face of the league who makes a just argument. These individuals carry much clout, and as a result can heavily impact decision making to better the league for players, officials and fans alike. Do not slam a good thing just because the effort, if real or genuine, is led by an individual you may dislke. Immaturity robs the fan-base of quality.
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#981651 New Jersey Devils Jerseys

Posted by этотсайтебут on 18 January 2011 - 03:49 PM

LOL Once again the tired and asinine topic of fake jerseys rears its ugly head. First of all, labeling someone as a supporter of organized crime and child labor is a very poor argument. There is a difference between buying a jersey you know is fake, and purchasing a jersey knowing it was made by a child or in any other illegal fashion. How many of you judgmental clowns are fans of soccer? Soccer ball manufacturing is without a doubt, the largest child labor organization in sports, yet I garantee you lovers of soccer have purchased balls made by Adidas, Mitre, Umbro, Nike, and the rest. Granted it's being cracked down upon, don't pontificate in such a manner to prop yourself up higher than another group, when you have probably committed the same act as the accused. While we are at it, how many of you tossers download songs from limewire or any other online P2P site? What about bit torrent downloads? Does this mean you are less of a fan of a band than those who payed money for the CD or legal download? The true clowndicks are those like unknown poster who call everyone out yet I GUARANTEE these tools would not have the balls to approach a fellow fan to rip on them for their jersey. I'm sure you'd get your ass kicked. Furthermore, would you rather people say "to hell with attending games, I'll spend three to four times the ticket price on an AUTHENTIC jersey so that richard-faces like unknown poster won't rip on me for having a fake jersey".

Stop acting like you are all business professors or activists who have the solution in hand. Face it, the league is NEVER going to spend a dime on ridding the world of fake jerseys. Perhaps you should expect the companies who are ultimately losing money as a result of fraudulent manufacturing. In any event, standing on a soap box on an a jenky website is certainly not going to solve anything.

GET OVER YOURSELF and embrace your fellow fans. Unless you are going to purchase a ligitimate jersey for everyone who has a fake, GFY.
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