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05 January 2011 - 11:45 AM

The annoying guy paid for his ticket and should be able to say whatever he wants. You people are so ready to give away our first amendment rights that it sickens me. You probably voted for Obama.
Besides, only 6 or 7 guys on the team deserve our cheers, and they are mostly 4th liners or forward call-ups.

Wow! Let's not get ahead of ourselves here we're not talking about civil rights we're talking about common decency. If you want to stand across the street and hold a sign with some dreck written on it thats fine, but that fact is we pay for these tickets and in doing so agree to follow the rules set out by the rock and the team.

Maybe its just me but so much seems soft nowadays. Its like people are supposed to watch over their shoulder and scour the crowd for little children so that they everything can be tailored for the little kiddies. Its a sporting event. If you took your kid to a Metallica concert would you be complaining about people using the F-word?

Its a sporting event, these things will occur sometimes. Its not ideal, but lets not act surprised or completely disgusted by someone cursing at the team. We all curse at the team on this board for the most part. So someone paid to do it at the game. Good for him. Its good our fans care and have passion. However, if the cursing gets out of hand then say something to him or tell security.

I pretty much agree. Nobody wants the potty mouth police scouring the crowd, but the cursing does get out of hand fairly regularly. I'm a 26 year old who curses like a sailor most of the day, but when I go to a game and see children around me I keep my language civil. Even if there aren't chilren around I don't yell obsentities (and I am a very passionet devils fan) because it's rude and generally uncalled for. Its not that hard to not curse for a couple of hours. Have some respect for the people arround you, otherwise your just a fvckin a$$hole.