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#1144206 Destroying The Pyramids

Posted by devilsadvoc8 on 18 July 2012 - 11:31 AM

Until the populations of those Muslim dominated societies (essentially theocracies) decide that the rule of law in their land should not be based on a book written centuries ago, the population as a whole will remain at the mercy of the extremists. There will never be equality for women, there will never be religious tolerance, there will never be acceptance of the gay population, etc. While they continue to govern their own populace with outdated, contradictory, racist, sexist, homophobic laws, they will also mold their diplomatic stance in the same manner. This combination of inane religious doctrine along with an extreme lack of tolerance is a breeding ground for those that choose to commit acts of terrorism under the guise of martydom.

If you continue to deny rights as a state to women, other religions, homosexuals, etc all based on religious doctrine, you have given credence and support for the rest of the garbage contained in the "holy" books.
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#1079042 Lets talk 2012.

Posted by devilsadvoc8 on 04 January 2012 - 12:38 PM

That's the new attack, "religious nuts".

Should we all be atheists?

Well since you asked, Yes. If we as a species are ever to continue to progress and improve, the chains of religion need to cast aside. Any candidate who lets bullcrap religious dogma impact their political and legislative positions is unfit for office. If you want to be ignorant on your own time, go ahead but not when your actions impact other human beings. This applies directly to Santorum and by extension to Mitt due to his high position with the CoLDS which separates him from a causual congregation member. If you believe in fairy tales, I cannot trust you to make sound judgments on other much more important issues.
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#988340 Brodeur out day to day with “non-operable sprain” of right knee, w

Posted by devilsadvoc8 on 08 February 2011 - 01:41 PM

Ha ha - thanks for the great responses: go away, etc. I appreciate the willingness to engage in meaningful discourse.

Its not about Marty maybe missing 2-3 games its about the long term future of the franchise. This team is hamstrung by some bad contracts, aging talent and an abyssmal start to this season. Not one of you can argue against those three points. One could also argue that the farm system is not the strongest regarding the level of organizational talent when compared to other teams. The Devils have been one of the most successful franchises over the last 17-18 years- a model of consistency and achievement. I applaud that and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Take a step back from your anger or whatever emotion you have that dismisses the concept altogether and consider the following: As a result of the 3 maybe 4 points I made above regarding the Devil's current problems, the team is very close to the bottom of the league. Whether or not the draft contains a Crosby like talent, better picks increases your chance at better talent not only at the top end of the draft but throughout the remainder of the rounds. This team is not a contender for the cup. There, I said it. Sure the team can fight and scratch to make the 8 seed and bow out quickly or it can go the other way. The other way hopefully gets what young talent they do have a taste of the action at this level with meaningful ice time and improves their draft position dramatically. I personally would rather the team took a longer term approach instead of another first round exit.

Other than Detroit (whose success over the same period as the Devils simply amazes me) most other teams have gone through peaks and valleys. When in the valleys, they picked up great talent in the draft (e.g. Pens, Blackhawks, etc). It happens in all other sports as well as long as you forget the Yankees and Red Sox as they simply buy themselves talent to win.

While you may disagree with me, I'm fine with that. I understand the opposite point of view and it has merit. On the other hand, I've been a Devils fan since they got here, when they absolutely sucked. Those years were hard but as a result they got talent which provided the foundation for the cups the Devils won (I'm not forgetting the theft of #4 as well). It's from being a fan of the franchise since the beginning that allows me to understand the benefit of a short residency in the basement to provide this franchise with the talent it needs to make another 15 year run of excellence which is really hard to do drafting in the middle to late rounds for such a long period of time. Nothing is guaranteed with a top pick but I'll take my chances.

Flame away! :burn:
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#988080 Brodeur out day to day with “non-operable sprain” of right knee, w

Posted by devilsadvoc8 on 07 February 2011 - 04:47 PM

Time to tank the season. I felt this way a month ago and strongly feel it now. Bring up the youngsters, give them full icetime. Sell off what you can. The draft has a great scorer and a great dman at the top. We should ensure that this franchise gets 1 of them and starts to restock the farm system with more depth.
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