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In Topic: GDT: Jets @ Devils

Today, 06:39 PM

Sounds library like quiet in there

In Topic: 2014 General MLB Thread

Yesterday, 10:54 PM

Bumgarner one of the best ever. Much respect due to thr Royals though one hell of a run!


Indeed. Though as a Mets fan I couldn't help think "sh!t, who the hell ever thought the Royals would win another WS before we did!?"


I think this Royals team has the look of a 1 trick pony, though their farm system is sort of above average

In Topic: Official 2014 New York Mets Thread

Yesterday, 10:45 PM

Mets are supposedly interested in Cuddyer, for a 2 year deal



In Topic: 2014 General MLB Thread

Yesterday, 10:40 PM

Watched my 2nd postseason game today. Royals had a chance to tie it in the bottom of the 9th. 2 out and nobody on and a base hit to center that gets misplayed twice rolls to the wall. Have to wonder...was Gordon hustling out of the box? He may have had a chance to score. Can you imagine game 7 of the World Series being tied in the bottom of the 9th on an inside the park home run? Would've been the stuff of legend.

In Topic: What is wrong with our fanbase

Yesterday, 02:41 PM

I don't think this board is an exception.  I think more Devils fans are Mets fans than Yankees fans and are more Jets fans than Giants fans.  Typically if you like the Giants and Yankees you'll like the Rangers too.


Devils fans by and large live in NJ though. And the Giants and Yankees rule the NJ suburbs. I think Devils fans are mostly Giants and Yankees fans


Plus you have plenty of Devils fans who are just flat out not interested in either football or baseball (or both) No everybody is a 3 or 4 sport person. Plenty of hockey fans hate baseball because of the pace of the game.


I think there are plenty of Yankee/Giants fans, but that "old guard" was probably not so keen on the Rangers because of their lack of success since forever. Plus hockey is still a blip on the radar to those sports.