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NFL Week 11 thread

20 November 2015 - 11:00 AM

Have at it


Anybody care about Jags-Titans last night? Of course not. As the drum beat of Thursday Night desperation gimmick Color Rush snoozers roll on.


Rex says the Pats want to "Bury Him" No Rex. It's not about you. I think the Patriots stopped caring about you sometimes after 2011. Jets need a Bills loss here



NFL Week 10 Thread

15 November 2015 - 12:52 PM

Have at it

Patriots trying to extract some revenge against the Giants

Jets need Oakland and Pittsburgh to lose

Eagles can be back in first with a Giants loss and beating Miami

Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

02 November 2015 - 12:42 AM

First off let me say their is no team that is owed more by the baseball gods than the Mets. I know people say Cubs but you know what...the Cubs are just flat out bad, they're choke/gutwrenching loss list doesn't come close to ours since 1986. Not even in the same universe


Scioscia, the late 90's Braves. 2000 Yankees. Chipper Jones. The cab ride from hell. 2007, again in 2008. Benitez, Molina, Wainwright, Castillo, Game 1 2015, Game 4 2015, TONIGHT. This is inhuman, incalculable, awful luck that's akin to flipping a coin 50 times and having it land on heads 50 times. It always comes up non Mets. Right down to the Doofus throw home. Right down to Murphy not picking and easy ground ball. Right down to Kenny Rogers. We are literally paying for the 86 Miracle for the rest of time. For eternity maybe. We are the new Red Sox.


Anyway, my offseason strategy is Purge the Stupidity. I love the starting pitching. It's incredible, it's supposed to have brighter days ahead. It's gritty, it's focused, it can be the backbone of this franchise going forward. We're in good shape with it and it should ensure us a lot of competitive years going forward.


The rockheads have to go. It's hard to dislike Cespedes but he's 30 and on his millionth team. He is all power, all brawn, all show. He also has a marble rattling around up there and has no concept of situational hitting and never will. He's a poor mans Manny Ramirez who wants to get paid like the real Manny. Not going to happen. Gone goodbye. Go kick balls around the outfield in some other stadium and flail wildly at balls 3 feet outside in some other city


Murphy...would entertain re signing him because we may need him at 3rd. Doesn't have a position, poor range, dumb. Inhuman hot streak though. Still haven't seen enough of Herrera to know if he's really the heir apparent. On the fence with this one


d'Arnaud really took a hit in my opinion here. No ability to throw out anyone. Flailing wildly to the point where he looks like he's deliberately trying to hit into DP's by pulling outside balls to the SS. Also the injury concerns. Not 100% sold on him moving forward but he probably stays


Conforto needs to be our everyday LF. He's gonna be real good.


Duda I'm incensed at but he's not going anywhere.


Bullpen needs to be retooled. Who knows in what way. We could also use some speed on the basepaths. A lefty reliever .s imperative. Maybe one who doesn't break their arm twice a year.


Terry Collins is a manager stuck in the 60s with no understanding of when to pull a starter. I'm a huge fan of taking a guy out 1 or 2 batters early. Well Terry went 2 batters too late and it cost us a chance at game 6. Why Harvey was in their after letting up a leadoff walk I don't know. What did he think he would strike out the next guy? Get a DP? Nope, we're the Mets and god hates us and we don't get those breaks. BOOM. Double. Game over


But why would Terry learn? This has only happened 50 times.


I think he's a fine motivator, and a good man. And you can't really fire him now, but what this team needs is a man who understands baseball in the year 2015, not one that just trusts his pitcher when he says "i'm good to go" I can see when it's over. He can't.

Isles unveil hideous new 3rd jersey

16 September 2015 - 12:21 PM

As expected, wall to wall black