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What to make of the Schneider soft goal conundrum

16 November 2014 - 12:21 PM

Schneider was not that much of a known commodity when we acquired him. He put up impressive numbers in a backup role in Vancouver (albeit a heavy backup role, he wasn't starting 10-12 games) but that's pretty much all we had on him. I don't think many of us saw him play very often


I really only knew him from that Marleau OT game winner during that Sharks series. It was an easy wrister by Thornton over the blueline that Schneider stopped...but for some reason couldn't find the rebound as it trickled around him near the net and was finally put in by Marleau. It was a bad goal, and a bad job by Cory not finding and controlling that puck after a very stoppable shot.


That's the problem with Cory in general. He's not overly great at tracking or controlling the puck even when he does make the save. And angles are sometimes impossible for him. His awareness of where he is on the ice can be a problem. Sure we remember last nights softie...but does anybody remember the Bruins game where at the end of a shift some Bruin was skating half speed on his off wing...got cut off by a Devil and just gently trickled a puck towards Cory. Somehow that puck got passed Schneider and went off the post and right back into the slot...but nobody was there.


It's a big problem and I can't figure out why this happens. It could be a lapse in focus or it could actually be a vision problem. It could be that his reflexes are just not top notch. He's not acrobatic like his idol Richter. Not that he's some slug like Tim Cheveldae. But if this goes on we pretty much have to be content with Ron Hextall as our goalie. He'll have his moments but he will break our heart time and time again in the playoffs.



Save us Jacques Lemaire

21 October 2014 - 08:46 PM

That's it...enough. This is Deboers 4th season as Devils coach and the constant never-ending theme is blown leads blown leads and more blown leads. This team is so undisciplined and mentally weak in its own zone when trying to hold a lead. It happened in Philly to start the season (3-0 to 3-3) heck even in Tampa we were up 1-0 with about 10 to go and blew that. And the personnel changes but the results never do. They never do. Add in his bizarre, maddening roster management and the fact that we've missed the playoffs in consecutive years (unheard of for this franchise) and this year they're a penalty taking machine with no ability to kill penalties (something else that the Devil usually always do well not take penalties and KILL THEM when they do take them)


Up 3-1 to the Rags and we leave a point on the table. This was HIDEOUS.


All the good feelings of the 3-0 start are now history and we're long past the afterglow of the 2012 cup run.


You know Lou is stewing after this one. Now I don't expect any knee jerk moves from him as that's not his style. Deboer won't be on his ass tomorrow. But I think this game better start a clock in Lou's head, where if they're not playing up to capability by a certain date then Deboer is a goner. This team is really talented. We have depth and speed and are better than the crap that occurred tonight.




I'm shocked at how long Lou has tolerated gag-job hockey. Claude Julien was fired for being in first place. Larry got fired a year after making it to the finals and 2 years after WINNING a Cup. Pete DeBoer can turn this team into an on-ice circus and he just gets a pass for YEARS