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Why Lou has allowed Brodeur to behave in this manner

11 April 2014 - 03:24 PM

One of the reasons I feel Lou has pretty much allowed Marty to vent to the media in an un-Devil like fashion is that he knows muzzling or getting into some sort of public spat with him is just flat out bad for future business. Brodeur will probably play in the league next year and embarrass himself. Fine, he needs a paycheck and will likely get it. 


But he may not play in the NHL next year, and he definitely won't in 2015-2016. The Brodeur jersey retirement is going to be the biggest ceremony in the history of the franchise. It's going to be a rare night when a ton of attention is paid to us. It'll be a rare hot ticket and the Devils stand to make some good change selling merchandise, dvd's etc surrounding this event. That one moment will be like our Wrestlemania. Even after that event, Brodeur to the Devils in any sort of ambassador capacity is $$$. I know we mock the Rangers for them bringing Messier out of mothballs so often (before they finally wouldn't hand him he coaching job on a silver platter and cried his way home) but Brodeur may be used in a similar capacity if he doesn't take some studio analyst gig.


Bottom line is, we can't alienate Brodeur from the future of the Devils in an off ice capacity. He's still an asset as long as he's not playing hockey for us. We see now this year how snippy and passive aggressive he can be, but ultimately we have to remain on good terms with him however difficult he is.

Brodeur Article, name dropping where he might want to play, reveals wh

27 March 2014 - 11:54 AM





“My kids want me to play,” Brodeur said. “Actually, the twins want me to go to Minnesota, the other wants me to go play for Ottawa."




“Anthony goes, ‘Dad, you’ve got to sign with Ottawa because I can stay with you,’” Brodeur said. “Selfish kid!”


So could Pittsburgh if the Penguins give up on Marc-Andre Fleury, which seems to be possible, too.

“Maybe,” Brodeur said.


How about returning home to Montreal? Brodeur’s thought about that, but sees that scenario as unlikely because Canadiens No. 1 goalie Carey Price isn’t rested much when healthy.

“It would be hard with what they have in net over there,” Brodeur said. “I don’t mind going in a diminished role a little bit, but not to the extreme of playing 10 games. That’s not enough.”



Seems to me that Brodeurs mind is elsewhere already. So why do we need to keep him happy by giving Cory's start tonight to one of the worst goalies in hockey?


What is going on here?

Cory Schneider and bad angle weak shots

20 March 2014 - 08:38 PM

The memo has gone out around the league. This clown has atrocious footwork and has no idea what to do on those weak softies. I think he may have given up as many as 4-5 this year. That is simply unacceptable and it cost us a point today.


This is like Osgood in the 90's with his long range issues. He nearly cost us a point today because of his gag job. And after that softie you could visibly see how shaken he was


I'm sorry if you're still giving up that kind of garbage and don't have the backbone to bounce back...you're not fit to be our #1 either

Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

20 March 2014 - 10:19 AM

Hugh Weber announced on one of his tweets (about halfway down the page) that the Devils will have a new goal song for next season.


So this likely ends the 7 nation army run (unless it's in the running next year and gets re-elected) to be honest the song grew on me a bit. I wouldn't have minded it sticking around. Not sure when they're putting the kibosh on it so early.


Well, we know what it won't be at least!  :whistling:


@robmg27 Yes! There will be a new @NHLDevils goal song next season selected by our fans.


GDT New Jersey Devils @ Tampa Bay Lightning - 7pm MSG

14 March 2014 - 10:46 PM

Thought this needed to be started early to get the stench of tonight abomination out of the way


Must win here. Brodeur has to be sharp as a tack

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