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In Topic: NHL announces rules changes for 2014-15 season

11 September 2014 - 05:30 PM

Same boat here, section 21...nice view of that Zidlicky OT goal with a second left..oh well.

In Topic: The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

05 September 2014 - 02:55 PM

Acquired a Paul Stastny Colorado Avalanche 2011-12 Burgundy Set 1 GW jersey yesterday.  Looks beautiful and just love the complexity of their customization (it's 3-layer semi kiss-cut with glacier twill as one of the layers).  Has some alright wear with some stick marks and board burns here and there.  Nothing major but I would say its somewhere between light to moderate wear.  I will post pics when I get around to that (as well as my SS gamer, and my other Game Worns at some point lol.


Also, what teams jerseys do you like the most outside of the Devils?  My favorite is the current Dallas ones and looking to acquire one at a decent price at some point in the future.  I also like the Kings and have a somewhat love/hate thing with the Colorado uniforms.

Nice grab! I really like the Colorado jerseys, got one at a meigray expo as my free blank jersey. A lot of you may not like these, but I also love the Panther's third jersey, the light/dark blue one.

In Topic: Zajac challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by...

11 August 2014 - 09:53 PM

you take this from reddit?

Nope, I have the "Hockey" section on an app called Flipboard.

In Topic: Zajac challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by...

11 August 2014 - 08:32 PM

This was funny: http://sports.yahoo....-175538378.html

In Topic: All Jersey Talk

14 July 2014 - 04:55 PM

Best is to describe exactly what you want done and don't be afraid to include a picture of the game worn jersey just to be safe. You can always email them and josh will get back to you. They do not sell jerseys and you do not have to "find" your jersey on the site. It should be $60 for a normal devils job.

Also choose layered. Devils have never had reverse kiss cut customization in their entire history.

Well I was going to buy the jersey from SportsK blank and send it to EP for customization. I know they don't sell jerseys but you can go under Devils and select the color jersey you have and they will start an order form with the name/number you input. Do they charge a lot for shipping? If so, would I be better off just getting it customized from SportsK? Thanks.

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