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In Topic: Training Camp invites

Yesterday, 08:07 PM

Why boo someone on your team? He left so long ago, it shouldn't even matter anymore.


With any luck he won't be on the team. However, if he does get a contract, I'm not gonna boo the guy and just hope he can contribute.

In Topic: Training Camp invites

Yesterday, 07:48 PM

heres a little interview with scott gomez.. we should all watch to see what this guys personality and attitude is really like.. seems to be a real D-bag..but than again i guess if i was washed up and came crawling back to my original team begging for a chance to play i might feel little too.



There are so many things I'm excited for when the puck drops on Monday and booing Gomez is definitely one of them. I will never be able to root for this guy.

In Topic: Which Player are you Most Curious to Watch Next Season?

19 August 2014 - 11:03 AM

I'm gonna go Clowe. I thought he was highly effective when on the ice last year and I want to see what he looks like and if he can regain that ability or if he's just a shell at this point. Could be huge for our bottom 6 if he can produce and stay on the ice. Both big ifs at this point.

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