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In Topic: This is Not a GDT for DEVILS vs. FLYERS

05 January 2015 - 05:06 PM

Buzz words are fun. If anything, the Devils were trapping Philly in their own end.


I had a Flyers fan over at a bar in New Hope tell me right after the 2012 finals run that the Devils won the series by trapping the Flyers every game and that the Devils ruined the game by trapping for 25 years.


He had no answer when I asked him to explain why the Devils scored 295 goals in 2000-01 when they were according to him "still using the trap."


I wish these fans would shut their trap more often.

In Topic: I really am beginning to hate our fans.

22 December 2014 - 06:50 PM

There's a real line in the sand for me on which Devils fans I can't stand. There's a larger and larger contingent of fans almost rooting for Schneider to fail.


They're booing him this year, and they rooted against him last year when Brodeur was with us. A 1-0 (let's not count the ENG with 0.3 seconds left) loss on Wednesday and 3-0 (not including ENG) loss on Saturday are all on Schneider, according to this contingent. No mention of goal-scoring, no mention of anything. Goaltending lost the game, they say.


It drives me up a wall and the more we lose the more these people are popping out of the woodwork. People still want Marty, and you'd think that 7-4 game he lost a few days ago would've quieted that sentiment a bit, but it hasn't.


I know social media is not the best judge of these sorts of things but it is pretty awful to see Cory getting chirped by Devils fans on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram after every goal against -he's even getting chirped on videos from practices and morning skates. While it is fair to want and expect him to be playing better, would it hurt to show the guy who signed a long term deal to be our starter a little bit of support? The team's problems are bigger than Cory and Keith at this point in time.

In Topic: GDT: Colorado Avalanche VS New Jersey Devils 11/15/14

15 November 2014 - 11:52 PM

The team's offense and power play needs to step it up and get that extra goal a game to take pressure off the defense and Cory late in these games. I know the focus tonight is on Cory's mistake (which I'm not defending, that goal can't go in) but the Devils keep making their lives difficult by not extending their leads when they have the opportunity to do so.