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In Topic: Open Practice and Meet & Greet for STH

30 March 2012 - 12:38 PM

They certainly have gone out of their way to find excuses to not have open practices anymore. My joke when this whole thing happened was it was the Devils' way of making sure as few people attended as possible, since this was one of the few practices not behind the Berlin Wall.

You nailed it!
I've been saying that all along, they made it an inconvienence to attend, now it is end of month, quarters are ending for alot of business, and they go and do this on a Friday and give you 4 days to plan? Well there was no way I could have made this, I'm in an airport currently in Texas for which I flew out of Newark this morning.
I'm glad I opted NOT to renew next year, I'll follow the team on my 48" Flat screen.

And I'm one of those that kept up on my rep asking when this was going down, and he continued to say there was NO FIRM DATE.

In Topic: New STHers

18 March 2012 - 09:08 AM

Yeah I'm not sure why they waited until the last minute to schedule the open practice.. Could have easily fit it in back in November/December.. If its on a Monday they will have a ton of pissed off STH.. Maybe next season they will announce the open practice is a morning skate in San Jose before a game lol

Agreed Colin, last moment = pissed off fans! the wording almost admits the are going to cancel, just think... they play Carolina in Carolina Saturday night, by the time they catch flight home and arrive at their destinations (HOME) it'll be nearly 3am +/- you think they are going to be up to a meet and greet???? Me thinks NOT! they will make it Monday, a regular skate/practice.
I think it is lame! could have done better.

In Topic: New STHers

18 March 2012 - 08:04 AM

This is only my second year as a STH so I had a question for longer time season ticket holders... I'm filling out my renewal stuff and I was wondering if people who had been to both the BBQ and the private practice preferred one over the other?

to answer your question, we took the practice and meet and great this year. Probably would do it opposite next year. Why?
The Devils just sent out a "tentative date" for the practice and highly touted that there is a chance of cancelation due to sched, if they cancel the practice would be the next day..... a freakin monday? I'm not kidding! I guess they feel the fans don't have to work.
Sounds like they do these things back asswards.