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In Topic: NJ vs Dallas Thread

30 November 2003 - 01:15 PM

Good to hear you're OK! I guess you had a true hockey face with the blood and all. :D

So uhh is Bouch's wife a hottie? Hehe I guess I shouldn't be asking a girl that huh? :unsure: :D

Thanks and I dunno! lol
like i said above....i didnt see her.

In Topic: NJ vs Dallas Thread

30 November 2003 - 02:00 AM

Ok this is the AMY that got beemed in the head with the puck! Thanks Crasher for making me famous. *LOL*

Just wanted to share that it was cool seeing all the devils up close like that. Gomer waived and said hi to me so it was worth it even though I had blood running all down my face and in my hair. *LOL*

Anyway, I got to keep the puck and no I didn't even get to see Bouch at the Hospital. But my friend saw Doug Armstrong and Bouch's wife there. :D