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In Topic: Top Reasons to be a Devils Fan

22 April 2011 - 11:59 AM

I was just saying last night that I think the reason the Flyers had stuck to that bully strategy wasn't because it won games, it was because it just plain sold to the type of fans they have in Philly.

Yeah, the tax thing had occurred to me as well.

Flyers - man - they stuck with the Bully thing when it CLEARLY wasn't working for just ages. NYRags tried again for over a decade to BUY a good team. Even now I dont buy these "improved" team philosophies will endure beyond any Cup win they mayhap put together. They always revert back to the exact choices that KEPT them from succeeding for so long, It's just INSANE!

Then of course there is geographic concerns. So you're buddy pays his taxes to the State of NJ but he's so brilliant he supports PA? That in and of itself is just stupid. but whatever :noclue:

Um...well I don't think she is actually going to switch, I'm just giving her sh*t. You know...like people do.

who the hell cares? no point in going around recruiting people who will likely be casual fans at best.