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In Topic: Jacob Josefson signed to a one-year deal

17 July 2014 - 10:33 AM

To follow up on center Jacob Josefson re-signing on Tuesday, it is a two-year, one-way contract that pays $800,000 per season. That’s a slight raise for Josefson, who made $725,000 in 2013-14 on a one-year deal. - See more at: http://fireandice.no...h.jq4dLIYP.dpuf


Per TG


Shouldn't we be changing the thread title at this point?

In Topic: Backup Goaltender for Next Season - SCOTT CLEMMENSEN signed

03 July 2014 - 12:43 PM

So I guess Scott Clemmensen is our new Peter Sidorkiewicz.

In Topic: Cammalleri - 5 years at $5M

03 July 2014 - 08:18 AM

Am I the only one who calls it wishful thinking where everyone is throwing Havlat top-6 minutes?


If he can keep healthy he should be capable of it. If not, well then the lines aren't going to involve him anyway are they?

In Topic: Cammalleri - 5 years at $5M

01 July 2014 - 11:51 AM

I'm not sold on this deal at all, but I'm going to ask the other question here: What number will he wear? He's only ever worn #13 and #93 and I'm not entirely certain he's of a high enough stature to keep #93 on this team and Lou has never given out #13 before.

In Topic: congrats to the 2013-14 Champs, the Kings

19 June 2014 - 10:32 AM

oh in that respect yeah it would be fine, I was talking about a possible embarrassing show of fans

I'm sure at the Prudential center there would be a nice gathering.... but not so much on the streets


A parade is a parade. The turn-out for a parade in downtown Newark will encompass the people who are already downtown during those hours shopping (which is a real thing still, even if those people aren't majority white) as well as the quantity of Devils fans who turn up because it's their team's celebration. As long as it was done during a weekend when people didn't have to take off work to be there, I'd expect the turnout to be decent. 


People would turn up simply because it was an event going on in town (as long as there was adequate publicity). 20,000 people turned out for the Portugal Day Festival in the Ironbound and 10,000 show up for the Cherry Blossom Festival at Branch Brook Park. These are more localized events that happen annually. Something on the order of the Devils winning the Cup would bring people from over the state to show up. I'd be surprised if you didn't see about 100,000 people.


Hell, this is a photo of the 20,000 people who turned out for the X-factor auditions in Newark:



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