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#1324086 Tom Fitzgerald named Assistant GM

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 24 July 2015 - 12:01 PM

so....  :urg:   is this    " :koolaid: "  still applicable or did it get traded to Toronto?


:koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid: They may take our Lou, but they'll never take OUR KOOL AID!!!!!!!!!!!  :koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid:

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#1319576 How We Got Here

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 10 June 2015 - 04:30 PM

More saying that it's really difficult to start sifting through alternative timelines in some attempt to come up with one that had the Devils continuing to be playoff contenders...so many variables once we cherry-pick one domino.  Yeah, Parise over Kovy likely would've been the better long-term fit here, but like Tri says (assuming that Kovy would've gone to LA and Lou would've then decided to give Parise a large chunk of would-be Kovy money, which in itself is probably too much speculation, in that I'd be assuming Parise would've decided not to forgo becoming a UFA), the Devils might still not be terribly good.  Some of the oldsters would still be here, and maybe Schneider isn't. 


This would be way easier with a TARDIS..........

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#1314363 What would you trade for McDavid

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 21 April 2015 - 02:46 PM

Life sucks more if you don't have the guts to do something about it as well. Or are you calling Bill Russell and a$$hole


The owners would fvck over any player for a buck. This kid has the chance to make more money going somewhere else and help his career because he is that good and has the leverage to do so and people are literally begging him to do it. I have not heard any argument against this other then some bullsh!t of honoring the draft process which other players have played before so why would it be different now?


There's more than one way out of a lousy situation. You're saying that it takes guts to look for the best circumstances for success and go there. I'm more inclined to believe that it takes more guts to believe that you yourself can change the circumstances around you and create the success through your own efforts. In the end it's not simply about the money. These are athletes. They play the game at the highest level in the world. They do things that others only dream of doing. If they didn't have the belief in themselves that they can make things happen they wouldn't be where they are today.


There have been very few (Eric Lindros being the only one I can recall in hockey) that have done what you're talking about doing. There have been a few more that have found other ways to circumvent the way things are done (Mike Van Ryn being one of these), but these are the exceptions to the rule. Should Edmonton continue to be a Mickey Mouse franchise (yes, it feels good to say that the other way) and hogging up first overall picks? Well they're doing things to make that more unlikely with the new draft lottery rules starting next year.


Think about it this way: the Devils and Penguins were both Mickey Mouse franchises (one was actually labeled as such by hockey's most renowned ambassador) and Mario Lemieux was on the line and Pittsburgh tanked to get him. If he had done what you're talking about that team wouldn't exist today. If Kirk Muller had walked away from an equally lousy New Jersey team who got him as the consolation prize you'd have no team to root for today. Scott Stevens initially wanted to act in exactly the way you're talking about when he was awarded to the Devils. There would have been no 1995 Cup and therefore no team had he done so.


Mind you the Devils were worse for longer than the Oilers have been now. They didn't see the playoffs for the first 13 years of their existence. If you want players to look to only play for the bright lights and perceptions of success (because mind you, the Oilers have a richer history of success than the Devils do with 5 Cups to their credit) then you should just go root for an Original Six team and be done with it. You're on a Devils board so presumably you're a Devils fan. That means you're a fan of a team with no major media market backing it and whose success has been built on the very values and premises that you're denigrating as bullsh!t.

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#1313712 John Hynes of Pens AHL team expected to be Next coach.

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 16 April 2015 - 08:24 AM

How drunk dude





Really? If you can't handle PK, don't respond to her. If her schtick isn't your thing put her on ignore, but she's been here far longer than either of you and has earned the right to be her own kind of different.

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#1313607 2014-2015 Season in Review - Confession Time

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 15 April 2015 - 01:42 PM

How long before we go to where the Prudential Center used to be, only to find it replaced with Biff's Pleasure Paradise?


I have to admit, I can only imagine the conversation that 2015 me would have with 2012 me just after SCF Game 6 ends. 


2015 me:  Hope you enjoyed that Finals run.  Because guess what?  You're not getting back to the playoffs for the next three seasons.  After the lockout ends (yep, another fvcking lockout is really going to happen AGAIN...these guys just think they can take the sport and the people whose livelihoods depend on it hostage anytime they feel like it), Kovy's going to have be dragged back from Russia to NJ (remember how into it he seemed here after a rough start?), and then he's going to say screw it and retire.  That's right...no more "This is team" Kovy after next season.  Zach's leaving too.  Zajac will get signed to a long-term deal and then immediately stop producing Zajac-like numbers.  And while I'm at it, I've got more good news:  the Rangers...yes, the friggin' RANGERS...will get to the SCF in 2014.  They won't win, but they'll win the President's Trophy in 2015, which they clinch by making us look EXACTLY the way we used to make them look in a beyond brutal home-and-home series...


2012 me:  Oh fvck this.  Where's the Jagrmeister?  The big bottle? 


Agreed, the last three years have been a miserable time to be Devils fans. I wonder how our fanbase will fare if this continues much longer....

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#1284314 Name an NHL captain less skilled than Bryce Salvador

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 24 October 2014 - 08:52 AM


The only captain that's worse...


He's a hero! Gonna take pollution down to zero!!

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#1260357 Lou on trying to sign free agents before July 1st

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 11 April 2014 - 04:41 PM

I think we were all well aware that this was going on. Right now, Marty's behaving like a teenage girl who's just been told she can't go to the prom with that guy with the motorcycle. It's not pretty and he's just being spiteful so he's reaching for anything he can say that he thinks will garner him attention, all the while not realizing that the only one he's hurting in the process is himself as he makes himself a less and less attractive player to sign.

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#1226225 Possible New OT rules

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 18 November 2013 - 10:26 AM

How about a longer 4v4 OT before shootouts?


This. I've always felt that 5 minutes was too short of a period for any meaningful play flow to develop. 10 minutes of OT wouldn't be out of line especially if it was 4on4. Baseball games can go into extra innings that take far longer than an extra 10 minutes and they play those nigh on ever day and sometimes twice a day it seems like.

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#1222956 Jason Arnott Retires

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 05 November 2013 - 03:09 PM

Thank you for putting up with those two young Czech hooligans to form the greatest line in our team's history.

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#1220523 Gelinas and Kinkaid sent to Albany

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 28 October 2013 - 11:13 AM

Glad to hear Gelinas will be back. I really like him as a player and he brings a skill set the Devils are lacking.


But people here need to stop treating him like the second coming of Bobby Orr. He played two good games, but made a few mistakes that almost led to odd-man rushes, and were he Larsson, Volchenkov, or Harrold people would be much quicker to emphasize his mistakes then his two points. 


He is one of several big, mobile, skilled defencemen the Devils have in the system right now which is awesome. The team should be doing what they think is best for his development, which again I agree is to play up here and gain experience and hopefully confidence. 


But Gelinas will not be the difference between us competing and missing the playoffs this year in my opinion. If the team doesn't play the system, regardless of how many shots from the point he gets off we will still lose.


I don't know. After watching the Devils almost get eliminated single handedly in the first round of 2012's playoffs by Jason Garrison's slapshot, I have new respect for the value of a big shooting defenseman. Do the Devils still need to play their system well? Absolutely! Obviously! But a guy with Gelinas' talents can absolutely have a profound effect on their overall playoff chances just simply by adding a dimension to their blueline that opposing teams have never really had to respect before. The Devils prior big shooters from the blue line were Kurtis Foster and Sheldon Souray (yes, I had to go back that far). We don't really have a history of having a guy like that and it'd be great to see if we can develop one in Gelinas. Zidlicky has a good shot, but it's not one that'll make people duck and cover from and besides, I doubt highly we see him still in the lineup in a year or two.

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#1214261 Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 07 October 2013 - 02:37 PM

I do think NJ should have more than 1 mask though.  The one he has now he will wear when the team is winning.  Another one for when the team is losing and it is him with a pissed off look.  It does sometimes bug me when the Devils are down 5-1 and he has that stupid smirk on his face.


But not too pissed off looking. Wouldn't want to frighten the children.

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#1192143 Devils Survivor

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 19 May 2013 - 09:15 AM

Ilya Kovalchuk -------- 46

Patrik Elias ------------ 36
Ryan Carter------------ 33
Andy Greene---------- 23
Steve Bernier---------- 22
Andrei Loktionov-------22+
Adam Larsson--------- 21
Martin Brodeur-------- 16 
Dainius Zubrus-------- 15
Adam Henrique-------- 14
Travis Zajac------------ 11
Mark Fayne------------ 8
David Clarkson-------- 8
Jacob Josefson------- 4 

Marek Zidlicky --------- 0-

Bryce Salvador
Anton Volchenkov
Krys Barch
Johan Hedberg
Harri Pesonen
Tom Kostopoulos
Steve Sullivan
Matt D'Agostini
Henrik Tallinder
Alexander Urbom
Alexei Ponikarovski
Peter Harrold
Stephen Gionta

Marek Zidlicky

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#1190166 Amnesty Buyout Candidates

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 02 May 2013 - 11:14 AM

Let's look at Volchenkov from a business or sports team owner's perspective and correct my facts if I'm wrong:


Signed to a contract paying him $4.25 Million/year for 3 more years

Play level has fallen to the point where younger cheaper prospects could provide similar if not better level of play

Amnesty Buyout reduces budget line-item to $1.42 Million/year for 6 years while necessitating promoting a younger player getting paid $870k for a total cost of $2.29 Million/year for the first couple years


From looking at those facts I take the Amnesty Buyout almost every time because you're actually saving real dollars (almost $2 million worth) per year for the first 3 years and by the time you're left with the back end of the 3 years you'll have to assume that things won't be as tight otherwise you wouldn't want to be in this business in the first place. This deal gives you real money now in your pocket which is more important than small money being spent down the road.

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#1189430 2013 NHL Draft

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 28 April 2013 - 12:09 PM

yet some folks on here would make excuses defending him that it was the right thing to do. thats 100% sure.


I don't think there would be any excuse for forfeiting this pick this year. The draft is being held in Newark, the team has a guaranteed top 10 pick in a draft that has a decent amount of what we want and need.


On the other hand, Sterio, there are very good reasons why Lou Lamoriello is given the leeway and defenses that he has received even with some of his more questionable moves: he took a team that had never made the playoffs and brought them there with a run to a 7 game Conference Final. He took that same team and brought them to the Stanley Cup Finals 5 more times out of 20 years with 3 Stanley Cups won. He has missed the playoffs with this team a grand total of four times in 25 years. He has brought players like Martin Brodeur, Scott Stevens, Patrik Elias, Alexander Mogilny, Ilya Kovalchuk, Scott Niedermayer, and Claude Lemieux to this team whether through the draft or through trades. He is the singular reason why this team is still in New Jersey, because without Lou Lamoriello we don't win the Cup in 1995 and we're likely in Nashville the following season. Without him assembling Cup winning teams in 2000 and 2003 we likely would have moved once YankeeNets fell through. Granted, the team being in New Jersey may not mean very much to you as a Quebecois, but to people in a state that gets roundly mocked for some of the stupidest reasons and has no media center of its own to come to its own defense, this team has given us more to be proud of than anything else I can think of in the last 25 years. All of that pride can be attributed to Lou Lamoriello's work and therefore he gets a pass on lots of errors. Does it suck when he makes them? Yes. Does it rock when he makes maneuvers that wind up with us making trips to the Finals to the contrary of every pundit in the sport's predictions? You bet it does.

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#1187277 Loktionov

Posted by NewarkDevil5 on 17 April 2013 - 04:55 PM

and Zajac's not exactly a hard name to spell and he's not exactly a new player 


You should pay attention to what PK is saying. red started this forum before this site even existed. Does he have trouble with spelling? Yes. Is it worth bothering about? No. He will always misspell at least half a dozen names and other things in his posts. That's almost as much a signature of his as PK's halfway lunatic ramblings about stalking Scott Stevens. There is a reason why his tag is Hockey God and those of us who still are around from when DM made his post on red's board that he was starting this site and moved all of us off of that pop-up laden disaster page understand that in a world that really didn't have very much Devils-focused internet presence, red was there to bring us fans together.

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