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In Topic: Devils re-sign Gelinas

15 September 2014 - 05:45 PM

Lupien: "We'd like 3 years, $4 million."

Lou: "How about one year, $900k?"

Lupien: "OK, how about two years, $2.4 mil?

Lou: "How about one year, $900k?"

Lupien: "Two years at $1.05 mil each?"

Lou: "I like one year at $900k each myself."

Lupien: "One year at $1.1 mil then?"

Lou: "I was thinking...wait for it...one year at $900k."

Lupien: "How 'bout..."

Lou: "How about you stop wasting my fvcking time and sign the only offer you're going to get? I have to start tracking down all of the bodies I'm inviting to training camp."

Lupien: "Fine, one year, $900k then" {mutters "fvcking Lou, that son-of-a..." to himself}

Lou: "Pleasure doing business with you Gilly...tell Marty I said hi the next time you see him!"

Oh man!!!! You had me laughing like crazy with this! ! Good stuff :)

In Topic: Hockey will be back soon... Dano is the new Chico.... why so dead?

14 September 2014 - 04:59 AM

Well... my Chicoisms drinking game chart will be hanging on the wall in my computer room with all my other devils items, I guess it's time for a new chart? Danoisms?

In Topic: Quince Imaging technology

28 August 2014 - 08:53 PM

Is this the same system the Canadians used in their playoffs? Their pre-game was awesome! ! The entire ice dropped down and flipped over!

In Topic: Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

26 July 2014 - 04:18 AM

We will find a way to add You Suck to The Hokey Pokey if we have to, they will never stop us.


You do the hokey pokey and "YOU SUCK" turn yourself around... that's what it's all about!

In Topic: Predict Marty's future role with the Devils

13 July 2014 - 06:04 PM

That is exactly what I was thinking too... GMs weren't "willing" to pay him what he wanted and moved on.
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