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In Topic: The AHL: Westward ho!

29 January 2015 - 10:26 PM

Also isn't the other part of the end-game to this where they re-organize the AHL and ECHL into a more direct farm system like baseball where every team has a A, AA and AAA affiliate?  Right now the Devils have a AAA affiliate in Albany but no clear AA affiliate as they are not connected to a single ECHL (or similar level team).  Instead from what I understand the Devils have players in a few ECHL team and I believe they are right now the only team in the NHL without a single, established ECHL team affiliate.


Some people think that's where we're eventually headed.  I have no idea if there are any official (or even unofficial) plans to that end, though.  The AHL was pretty clear that their goal was a full 30-team complement with each franchise paired up with a NHL partner, and they finally achieved that a few years ago.  AFAIK, the ECHL does not have a similar manifest destiny mindset.  I suppose it's possible that the NHL will push the ECHL toward a tighter relationship as more ECHL teams fall under NHL ownership, but I don't think there's any sort of timeline on that.



If what I said is true, could this be the re-birth of Trenton perhaps or would they just have a formal affiliation with a single, established team whether they share with another NHL team or not?


Not a flippin' clue. Sorry. :noclue:

In Topic: The AHL: Westward ho!

29 January 2015 - 05:05 PM

The worst-kept secret in the AHL was made official today in a press conference in San Jose featuring AHL president David Andrews, representatives of the 5 NHL teams involved, and, of all people, Bill Daly.  (Don't know WTF he was doing there.)  If you've been following this thread (or the situation in general), you already know what's up, but just to recap:


  • The Kings will move their franchise from Manchester (NH) to Ontario (CA), where their ECHL club currently plays.  The AHL team will likely assume the Ontario Reign identity from the ECHL team.
  • The Sharks will move their franchise from Worcester (MA) to San Jose.  They'll play out of the SAP Center initially, with a permanent home to be determined at a later date.  Rumor has it that the Sharks intend to expand their practice facility to fit in a rink with sufficient capacity.
  • The Oilers will move their franchise from Oklahoma City to Bakersfield (CA).  It will likely take on the Condors identity from the incumbent ECHL squad.
  • The Flames will move their franchise from Glens Falls (NY) to Stockton (CA), where they will become the Stockton Grizzlies.  Continuing a theme, they will be displacing the ECHL's Stockton Thunder.
  • The Ducks will purchase the team they had been affiliated with, the Norfolk (VA) Admirals, from their current owners and move them to San Diego.  No word yet on their new name.


In return, it is expected that the Kings and Flames will move their respective ECHL teams (Ontario and Stockton) into the AHL cities they are vacating.  Also, as I previously mentioned, it is expected that the Oilers will do the Ducks a solid and move ECHL Bakersfield to Norfolk.  I don't know if any of these are official yet or if they're even true; at any rate, the ECHL is supposedly holding a press conference tomorrow to discuss how the AHL's moves will affect them.


So far, none of this has any effect on the Devils' relationship with Albany.  Their lease is up at the end of this season, and it's possible another city will try to convince the Devils to move, but at present, I see no reason why the Devils would leave Albany.

In Topic: GoPro and the NHL @ The Rock

24 January 2015 - 02:21 AM

Once they manage to make the cameras small enough to the point where it can be embedded in a helmet, probably on the side near the ear, without affecting the performance of the helmet or being too bulky, that's when you might start seeing them used regularly during games. It's just too much of a risk to strap $300-500 cameras to a guy's head when he could easily crash into the boards or have a puck hit the camera and break it. 


I realize a professional broadcast-caliber camera is different from a GoPro, but does anyone remember when John Vanbiesbrouck had a camera on his helmet in the 1996 All-Star Game?



(That game was also notable for being the debut of the infamous glowing puck.)


Kelly Hrudey also had a helmet-cam way back in 1991 when the Kings and Rangers played an outdoor exhibition game at Caesar's Palace.



And MA Fleury has worn a helmet camera multiple times, including during the 2004 lockout in a game against Albany.  (Article with picture of the camera embedded in the bottom on the mask; video comprised of footage recorded by the helmet cam in that AHL game)


I agree, though, that the GoPro is still too big to be used in a setting such as this, despite the remarkable progress consumer photography electronics have made with regard to size, durability, and video/picture quality.  My only point is that the technology exists to pull this off if the parties involved really wanted to do it; the problem, if you can call it that, is that it's still viewed as a gimmick.


Finally; since this is a Devils board, here's a video of Cory Schneider wearing a GoPro at practice at Yankee Stadium:



In Topic: 2014-15 Albany Devils and ECHL Thread

23 January 2015 - 06:56 PM

Also, The Norfolk Admirals are being sold and moving out west, and Norfolk is getting an ECHL team. Hopefully they'll have some affiliation. LIKE NJ)? 


Given that the incoming ECHL team is owned by Edmonton, I'd be very surprised if it wasn't affiliated with the Oilers.

In Topic: Satirical Newspaper in Paris attacked

22 January 2015 - 10:46 PM

I think even the biggest lover of multiculturalism would have to admit that there's a limit to how many non-whites a European country can have before it's not a European country anymore.


Race and ethnicity does not change geography.  A European country will always be a European country.  Because it's in bleeping Europe.