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About Me

New Material

“Musical Flow”

D Flex

High as the sky

And it’s oh so fly

Can’t quite figure out why
Just that i’m feeling spry

Let my brain float
In the clouds
Speeding like a motor boat
With music making me proud

As I flow
Across the universe
Making love grow
Quenching my first

Bringing passion
And smiles to faces
Along with epic fashion
Transformed into mysterious cases

Creating a new domain

That you never heard of

Sweet as candy canes

Spreading its wings like a dove

Bringing everyone together

Bob Marley singing One Love

Jimi Hendrix jamming forever

Feels like heaven above

Painting faces red

Burning like Fire

Are we all dead

Or is God a liar

Beats rolling like thunder

Got to make some changes screams 2Pac

Before it takes us under

Get on the block

Dancing rain drops beating like drums

With a purpose

Telling ya to load the gun

Fire on all circuits

It’s your chance

To elevate your game

So dance dance dance

Move and groove the train

Jigga and GaGa think outside the box
Spring into action

Rock your socks

Just remember to blast them

Get Naughty Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Keep on pushing

Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock make it outta sight

Ya’ll must be looking

When it all feels lost

Just Keep Your Head Up

Cause you are The Boss

Always Born To Run

"Flex Freestyle"

My name is D Flex
And I'm here to stay
Coming at ya
Like every single day
Going hard
To the extreme
Getting down
In funky ass jeans
Always flowing and glowing
Like the moon above
Showing ya 'll love
I'm Bob Marley
Calling for peace and harmony
I'm Jimi Hendrix
Singing about Purple Haze
In a cloud of smoke
That could go on for days
Robbing Vic Wertz like Willie Mays
I'm Joe Namath guaranteeing victory
An upset for the ages
It's Cassius Clay over Sonny Liston
Turning history pages
It's JFK edging Nixon
Even if it wasn't on the up and up
But the other a crook
It's all that and more
With puffy whites staring down
Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door
I'll be like Ali
Raising my arms to feel the roar
Of a crowd driven insane
Raising the roof
And giving some proof
Cause that's what it's all about
So stand up and scream and shout
That's how we feel
Which makes us real

Come visit our new Battle Home back at Blogger.

I discovered 20 years ago
A different kinda place
Unique in every way
Blending all people and cultures

For a common ground
Shared of peace, love and music
Filled up with colors a plenty
Under blue skies, woods and haze

Taking ya back to another dimension
Away from the added stresses
Back home in this town
Providing a relief along with funky sound

And a carefree spirit
That we all know exists
Just never until you're a part
Of a special music lover's paradise

All in a wonderful setting
Upstate in Bethel Woods
With a country feel all around
Along with mountains in the background

And then a sound from a different era
Splendid for what it represents
Immediately grabbing your attention
Along with its wonderful message

One we too often forget
Which makes our country great
To experience it was memorable
Containing a message of love instead of hate

Putting a smile on our faces
As we laugh and sing songs we love
Isn't that what it should be about
Remember red, white and blue without a doubt

Motivation: 2Pac

Just chillin' in my dimension
Looking for some attention
Did I mention I seen ya the other day
Looking as sweet as the month of May

Smelling like roses
Walking through giving us love doses
Damn right you got it going on
And this Jew nig just wants to mow your lawn

We can do whatever ya like
As long as it's me and you together sharing a bike
Chilling all day and all night
With your image a poetic sight

I could take ya places you've never been before
Just give me a holler and Heaven's straight at your door
As we fly on a magic carpet ride into the sky
Just rollin' in the clouds that never lie

With the bright sun sparkling more than ever
A nice reflection of ya making for perfect weather
I want to paint you like Renoir or Picasso
Be worth much more and I'll chase ya with my lasso

We'd embrace like two destined lovers
Born to be with each other
And time wouldn't matter
Would just pass as we create our own pitter patter

As rain drenches our heavenly bodies
We'd be the only two with the rest nobodies
Useless in our precious world
Thanks to your extraordinary pearl

Indeed you are priceless
And when I see ya I almost feel lifeless
Cause that's how badly I want you
Always been in my daydream fantasies hoping come true

Give me this one chance to show
And I promise it'll be your forever glow
See ya up above
Into the tunnel of love

"Broken Leaves"

One autumn day
Just the breeze
Pushing ya away
Like an old tease

Who winked and grinned
But played you from the start
Committing the cardinal sin
That broke your heart

Just as the wind blown leaves
Shattered to pieces
Feeling so deceived
Leaves nestling disrupting your peace

Sounding like a drum pounding
As a storm arrives
Noise may as well be a gun sounding
Rather feel dead than alive

"A Dark Storm"
by Derek Felix AKA D Flex

The day began well
A bright sky filled with promise
Sunshine upon us with nothing to fear
But suddenly gray clouds appear you losing focus

I thought you knew me but it was a lie
Much like a perfect day turns pitch dark
Weather changes as the wind howls why
Then comes thunder with a lightning spark

Next comes a gail wind blowing you far away
Tossing everything around
As rain drops now have their way
Drenching everything like buckets coming down

Before you know it's replaced by feathery snow flakes
That fall on your hair and face
Leaving you wondering why you can't escape
Now you look at the sky admiring the place

From hot, cool to ice cold
Light fading away into darkness
Like a dark storm showed
Pushing ya further into obscurity

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