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Today, 12:55 AM

Oh come on, where they managed to stop the camera, the puck had already hit Lundqvist's pad and was on it's way out. That's where it appeared to not be completely over the line. For that to be, the puck must have been across the line a split second prior to that. It even looked like it had crossed the line when they played the video, but it was moving so fast that the puck was nothing but a blur making a definitive call impossible. 


Even if it's not intentional, he needs to know that if he's coming in as fast as he can that he has to pull up once he gets to a certain point. Whether it's intentional or negligent, it's equally dangerous and can have the same consequence of injuring goalies.


You can't definitely tell me it was in. Under the current review format, they have to go with what was called. In the future, they're going to insert better technology to determine such video reviews. And btw the Rangers got screwed on one of those pre All-Star break. I knew they had to rule what they did. I didn't get upset. It is what it is. 


On Kreider, we agree. He's not intentionally trying to injure goalies. But the record shows that he has a history. It's time for him to make the adjustment. 

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Today, 12:49 AM

I always respected Brodeur. I don't think anyone ever could've imagined he'd shatter the wins and shutouts records. It's a tribute to his consistency and longevity. He did it all. 3 Cups. 5 SCF appearances. 4 Vezinas. Olympic gold. It doesn't matter that he finished his career with St. Louis. Even if it was short lived, that was his choice. I will always remember him as the player who made the Battle Of Hudson the premier rivalry in these parts. He went from battling Richter in the 90's to going up against Lundqvist. That in itself is amazing. Including 2012 as much as it broke me. It's sad to think that Marty is really done. Another player from our era gone. Not many left. Jagr is next. Wish Marty good luck in his next career.

In Topic: 2014-2015 Around the league thread

Today, 12:37 AM

Kreider is such a fvcking cockbag. https://mobile.twitt...6366464/photo/1
Someone seriously needs to plant that little twat-stain in the first row.


I don't view him as dirty. The problem is he doesn't know how to let up. Kreider is faster than the average skater that size. In this instance, he drove the net and put on the brakes too late making the contact with Halak unavoidable. Someone needs to teach him how to have more control and avoid goalies. Whether it's by just driving by or shielding the body. Otherwise, he'll continue to get nabbed and have a bad reputation.,

In Topic: 2014-2015 Around the league thread

Today, 12:29 AM

Rangers are not beating the Isles in the playoffs (as of now at least) Isles are faster, much tougher, and have depth. Too much of the Rags offense is Nash. When he starts slumping they're going to play a lot of games like they did last night


Hate to agree but correct 7'. That game was over as soon as the Islanders took the lead. They are too big and physical. The Islanders are 4 lines deep. They also have Martin and Clutterbuck on the best 4th line. The only chance the Rangers have is for Slats to upgrade at center and address the bottom two lines. They lost a lot from last year's team (Boyle, Richards, Pouliot, Dorsett, Carcillo). The Islanders are the most complete roster in the East. The hardest teams for them to play are the Isles, Lightning and Bruins. 

In Topic: 2014-2015 Around the league thread

Today, 12:23 AM

LOL. The Weise non-goal was definitely a goal too. They got lucky it was a hard shot and they couldn't get a clear picture of where it was fully across the line. 


Not from what I saw. The entire puck has to cross the line. There was no white. Something even the guys on NHL network concluded. It's amazing how much response Hank gets. He let in a bad one. Smart play by Pacioretty shooting through McDonagh. Looked like I missed a great game. I managed to see the replay. Great goaltending from two of the best. Price made a ridiculous save on St. Louis in the third. Hank had that great glove stop on Pacioretty. It's always the ones you don't expect.