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Today, 12:59 AM

Do you really think they looked good for 80% of this game?


They looked like this year's Devils hanging on for dear life vs. the Blackhawks or Anaheim with a rock-solid Schneider performance; and then Tampa just had a complete breakdown (after Bishop's initial first period breakdown) to hand them 3-4 goals in quick succession. I just can't take them seriously, I can't give them credit**, they don't pass the "Conference Finals eye test", they do not play up to par with Anaheim, Chicago, or Tampa (at times, aside from tonight's breakdown), they just don't look like they belong. They scrape by. They seize the rare opportunity but do not win by design or by domination.


I'd normally concede that I'm obviously biased and speaking like a rival fan, but I won't because I see a ton of fans around the league with no horses in the race saying the exact same thing.



** - In the context of seeing how the West plays, and has played for several years, I just can't take them seriously. They're a good enough team to cruise through the East, and the East teams are fractured and every team has their own gaping holes, so the Rangers somehow find a way to make it through. But you watch the West and you compare the two, and I just can't say the Rangers are such an amazing team, I just can't. Sure, you can point to the President's Trophy, but that makes my point. The Western teams are playing more Western teams over the course of the season. The West is just so strong, so skilled, so supreme compared to the East that I can't take them seriously and give them credit. It's akin to Washington Capitals finishing top of the Southeast every year. Was that the mark of a really good team, or was the Southeast just that bad? We all know the answer to that question. And on a larger scale, the Rangers, and their 2-3 year window of opportunity, are a similar case, I feel. We thought they'd get bounced by the Kings last year and it proved to be true. The East is just a walk in the park, a bunch of B-level teams compared to the West, and it shows. I just can't call them an amazing hockey club, in the context of watching some of those Western Conference matchups. St. Louis, Anaheim, Minnesota, Chicago, etc. would've all been first place in the East if they were here. The gap is just so wide.



I thought they did okay in the first despite the shot total (16-7). Most of the Bolts' chances were kept to the outside. Brassard scoring early was huge for their psyche. Lundqvist's best save was on Stamkos getting the leg out to keep it 1-0. That was a big turning point because Yandle scored afterwards. Then they left too much gap for Stralman to find Callahan who coincidentally was Tampa's best player. He was a pain in the ass. Lundqvist stopped him with it 2-1 in the second and also denied Boyle. Those guys come to play in these big games. 


The second, I agree. They got completely outplayed. Those two power plays sucked. The Lightning had better shorthanded chances. For a while, it was basically Lundqvist carrying them. To their credit, they regrouped and played to win instead of sitting back which doesn't work against a dangerously skilled opponent like the Bolts. 


Regarding the West, I agree the Ducks have impressed. I was wrong about them. Something I'm sure LOTCB will keep reminding me. They are big, physical and skilled. Remind me of a more talented Kings with a better D. However, Andersen is still a second-year goalie and he blinked in the last game. I have to think the Hawks will force a Game 7 giving us two great Conference Finals. Chicago has the heart of a champion. They showed that with Toews scoring twice in the final two. Amazing. Anaheim is better than Chicago because they're much deeper. The Hawks rely so heavily on that top four without Rozsival. Quenneville can't trust Timonen or Cumiskey. So, the Ducks' strategy is perfect. Keep applying pressure and banging away.


Looking forward to watching that tomorrow and breathing. :P

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Today, 12:51 AM

man our fan base really does have alot of sore loser fans.. believe me i dont want to see the rangers win the cup solely for bragging purposes and theyre scum bag fan base doesnt deserve it but some of us look more jealous than anything..the rangers have a good team right now it is what it is.


There are fans like that for every team. I hate those types but they'll always exist. Especially in the world of social media. Not every fan is spoiled. If you met some of us that have been around for 20 years at the games, you'd realize enthusiasm is replaced by negativity and down right gallows humor with the guy behind me bashing Henrik for sh!ts and giggles. At the end of the day, not everyone lives and dies with it. We're so accustomed to seeing our team come up short. Anything less than a championship is a failure which in these parts is perceived as 'arrogance.' If you actually follow the team which many here do, they know that this is the best chance they got.


One thing about this core. They are resilient and have enough experience to win these kind of crazy games. They don't get rattled. Lundqvist played great too. He made some huge saves at key spots in those first two periods. Without that, there's no big third period. That's what makes him great. Even with the defense struggling against the Bolts speed which is very impressive, he's able to rise to the occasion. 


I agree with what 7' said about the two days off. It helps Tampa more. Honestly, I agree with my Dad in that Game 7 could be played anywhere. This is the kind of series that's hard to predict. I expect the Lightning to play much better. The Rangers must earn it. It won't be easy. Regarding Bishop, Steve Zipay joined Somers and wondered if he has an injury. Possible? He has been flopping around a lot. Who knows.


The Bolts are very good. They're by far the best team they've played. Very tough to slow down the Triplets and Stamkos and his line. Hedman is a top 5 defenseman who doesn't get the accolades. It won't be easy.

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Yesterday, 06:09 PM

An hour or so before do or die for my Blueshirts. Honestly, I am only a little anxious. The way I see it, this team is experienced enough and has been through this life and death routine plenty. I have faith in them. Especially Lundqvist. Whether or not they get it done remains to be seen. But if you were to ask me if I was confident, I'd say without hesitation, "Yes." I believe in them. That stated, they have to play great tonight to win.


I liken it to 21 years ago. Sorry if that's lame. But it's eerily similar. For me, this is the biggest game this franchise has had since that Game 6. Toss out the 3-1 comebacks against the Pens/Caps. This is bigger. The Lightning are much better. They will be hungry to put it away. They don't want it to go back to MSG for Game 7 Friday. For the Rangers to win, their best players must all show up. That means McDonagh actually matching Hedman and leading by example. Girardi not on all fours. Staal actually going stride for stride with Stamkos instead of being their worst defenseman. I don't have to say much about Nash and Kreider or Brassard. Self explanatory. Stepan I know will deliver a good game because he's the glue. I never question St. Louis' heart or Moore. Maybe they need a Hagelin to deliver. He has been fairly quiet since his Game 5 OT winner in Round 1. His speed can be an asset.


If they take it back to MSG, it'll be because they actually scored early following a good start unlike Game 5 where they wasted opportunity after opportunity. If they don't, it'll be because the Lightning hit them with a quick Bolt and shut it down. Before the series, I said it would either be Lightning in 6 or Rangers in 7. The moment of truth is here. I'm excited. We'll see if they are able to deliver. I'm ready.

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Yesterday, 06:00 PM

lol thats great!


Thanks. :) I thought so too. I heard Emilio hadn't posted anything Ducks lately. Then he just pops up out of nowhere with the old Coach Bombay routine on Twitter. 

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Yesterday, 12:19 AM

The best part of that game was Coach Bombay after the game.