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In Topic: The Devils are bad and it's time to tank

11 November 2014 - 01:44 AM

We're a few points out of a playoff spot. We're playing like sh!t but I think with a major change, to our coach and leadership, this team can compete.


The division is mediocre. That is the argument for keeping your roster intact. Lou has until the trade deadline to decide the team's future. He can either move Jagr, Zidlicky, Ryder or go for it. 

In Topic: The Devils are bad and it's time to tank

11 November 2014 - 01:41 AM

Hasan had a well thought out post on whether to Retool vs Rebuild Friday. He covered everything including whether it makes sense to keep the current Devil roster together. Personally, I think Lou has lost his mind. He thinks this roster is good enough but for what. Can a roster that relies heavily on vets and a some kids make the playoffs? It depends on Schneider and the health/production of Cammalleri, Henrique and Jagr. They need more from Elias and better consistency from Zajac. 


I don't get the ice-times for Gionta, Zubrus and the force feeding of Tootoo which is similar to Vigneault's fetish with Tanner Glass. These are role players. It's too bad about Clowe. He's basically done and should retire. He's a good player. Always been a fan of him but see it ending similar to Adam Deadmarsh. Another one of my faves.


The only positive development is Severson, who's a stud. At the very least, they have a top pair defenseman who should be an All-Star. I don't see why the organization doesn't give Boucher a chance. Ditto Matteau. What is the plan? DeBoer isn't the right coach. He overplays Salvador and Zidlicky together. They are a disaster. You can't pair your 2 worst defenders. At least balance it out. Do they really miss Merrill that much? What's the plan with Larsson? You either play or trade him. He got 12 minutes. 


Final thing. You can't start Schneider every game. He's never even started 50. They should just give Kincaid a game. Maybe tonight? 

In Topic: Expansion to Vegas Apparently "Done Deal"

27 August 2014 - 02:14 PM

Las Vegas was building a new arena last year. I'm not surprised they are in the mix for expansion. Seattle is logical. I always felt they'd have to add 2 teams to balance out the realigned conferences. My guess was they'd expand to 32. Not 34. It doesn't add up. I can go along with bringing hockey back to Quebec. Toronto is large enough to have 2 teams. I just wonder what happens if the Leafs continue to struggle. Their fans will go nuts. Haha. I would rather see Florida relocate along with another team than see the league go to 34. But that'll never happen. I'd imagine the players aren't opposed to it because it'll create more jobs.


Adding more teams makes the current divisions and playoff format unrealistic. They may as well go back to 6 divisions or expand the playoffs. Give the teams with best records byes. Have real wildcard series. Best of 3 or 5. The only hindrance is the schedule. You can't have postseasons extending into July. I have always been an advocate of starting seasons earlier. Either that or drop down from 82 to 70. I know these are radical suggestions which probably won't happen. But if they go to 34, is 16 realistic for playoffs?

In Topic: 2014 UFA Signing Thread

27 August 2014 - 02:05 PM

Hayes probably has a job to lose. I assume that's why he went to NYR 


Not necessarily. Last year, they swapped Christian Thomas for Danny Kristo. Most assumed Kristo could make the jump. Instead, he needed a whole season in Hartford and led them in goals. A year later, his status is uncertain with other prospects ahead of him. It would be wrong to rush a player following college. Look at how Detroit does it. They are patient and develop properly. The Rangers brought in all these vets to compete for spots. So, at most you'll see 1 or 2 kids on the roster in October.

In Topic: WWE/TNA/ROH - Wrestling Thread

26 August 2014 - 03:08 PM

Apparently spike TV isn't going to renew TNA so it's going to be interesting to see what happens. If they don't get a TV deal somewhere this might be the end of the company.


Too bad for them because it's starting to get good. They are the highest rated program on Spike.