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Today, 01:18 AM

at this rate do the lightning even stand a chance against the rags


The most disappointing aspect is the play of Stamkos. Not one goal and he takes a bad penalty that finished them off. Datsyuk beat Bishop thru the wickets. Speaking of underachieving. That's supposed to be Tampa's best 2 players. Full credit to Detroit. Babcock is a genius. He selects Mrazek and he has 2 shutouts. If not for Johnson's heroics, that one is over. 

In Topic: 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Today, 01:15 AM

Those 2 late games were mirror images. Both coaches changed goalies in the 1st after their teams fell behind. Each rallied around the replacement. Each won late in regulation. Keith with the ridiculous skating clinic and brilliant shot on poor Rinne with 3:48 left. Stajan on a rebound with 4:17 left to beat Miller. It really is uncanny. What the Flames did is more impressive because they're a younger group. They rallied from 3-0 down and 4-3 in the third winning in regulation. Very impressive.


Gaudreau is such a heady player. Instead of trying to clear the puck, he skates it out using his speed and instead of icing it, dishes for Monahan creating a 2-on-1 for Hudler's empty netter. Johnny Hockey is brilliant. He's the next big American star. 

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Yesterday, 03:33 PM

Yea and you would think that with a chance to advance they would be into it. Guess not.


A lot of the real fans sold their tickets. We did. We got 200 apiece. For fans, it's a choice between going and getting money back on your investment. Most knew they were winning this series. We went to 1 game. With so much demand because some people "have to be there," you can get 2-3 times worth the price. I spoke to a guy last night at a bar and he said he made big money last year on Stanley Cup tickets and was able to basically pay for this season. The secondary market has become a big factor due to the new arenas. Especially if there's high demand. The Rangers are a hot ticket. Same for the Islanders if they find their way past the Capitals. That will be an expensive ticket.

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Yesterday, 03:28 PM

True, I just thought it was awesome that we were talking about him a few days ago and he basically did it all hinself in that game.


Tyler Johnson


It doesn't include his 2010 WJC. He went 3-2-5 on Team USA's gold medal winning U20 team. That roster featured Stepan, Kreider and OT hero Carlson. 

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Yesterday, 03:19 PM

That's crazy. Peluso is lucky. At least he knew when to get out. It's amazing how many athletes had serious health issues due to concussions. There was so little knowledge. Pretty scary.