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#1288435 The Devils are bad and it's time to tank

Posted by Derek21 on 11 November 2014 - 01:41 AM

Hasan had a well thought out post on whether to Retool vs Rebuild Friday. He covered everything including whether it makes sense to keep the current Devil roster together. Personally, I think Lou has lost his mind. He thinks this roster is good enough but for what. Can a roster that relies heavily on vets and a some kids make the playoffs? It depends on Schneider and the health/production of Cammalleri, Henrique and Jagr. They need more from Elias and better consistency from Zajac. 


I don't get the ice-times for Gionta, Zubrus and the force feeding of Tootoo which is similar to Vigneault's fetish with Tanner Glass. These are role players. It's too bad about Clowe. He's basically done and should retire. He's a good player. Always been a fan of him but see it ending similar to Adam Deadmarsh. Another one of my faves.


The only positive development is Severson, who's a stud. At the very least, they have a top pair defenseman who should be an All-Star. I don't see why the organization doesn't give Boucher a chance. Ditto Matteau. What is the plan? DeBoer isn't the right coach. He overplays Salvador and Zidlicky together. They are a disaster. You can't pair your 2 worst defenders. At least balance it out. Do they really miss Merrill that much? What's the plan with Larsson? You either play or trade him. He got 12 minutes. 


Final thing. You can't start Schneider every game. He's never even started 50. They should just give Kinkaid a game. Maybe tonight? 

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#1274256 2014 UFA Signing Thread

Posted by Derek21 on 24 July 2014 - 10:29 PM

Yeah, this is a pretty head-scratching move by Sather.  Obviously we have no idea how negotiations went and what Zuccarello was asking for but you gotta think he would've accepted a 5/25 deal. If he produces at a similar rate to last year, 6+  per year doesn't sound unreasonable. I'm guessing Sather needed the cap space this year


They have zero room for such a long-term commitment. Zuccarello got over a $2 million raise off 1 good year. He got fair value and helped the team out. If that was the Devils, it would get praised. As it stands, the Rangers have potential UFA's Staal, Zuccarello and Brassard pending arbitration. Plus must bump up Stepan and Hagelin, whose bridge deals end. The organization faces challenging decisions ahead.

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#1266584 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by Derek21 on 02 June 2014 - 02:35 PM

And he's been straight garbage the last three games too.  It's the complete inverse of 2012, now the team's bailing him out.


Did you miss the save he made with 8.2 seconds left? Quick hasn't been as sharp during this run but is clutch. I'd have preferred Crawford and the Hawks.

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#1220452 isles aquire vanek. large deal

Posted by Derek21 on 27 October 2013 - 08:59 PM

All they gave up was Moulson. He was a solid finisher for them posting 3 consecutive 30 goal seasons. But played with Tavares, who he was friendly with when he arrived. He just went from the penthouse to NHL purgatory. There's not even a guarantee he'll stay past the deadline. The Sabres are terrible. Both players are in their final year. For the Islanders, it's a no brainer. A full year to pitch Brooklyn to Vanek. I don't know why he wouldn't be motivated. A chance to get back to the playoffs and maybe make a run in a weak division.


The draft picks aren't bad especially if the Isles make the playoffs. All they gave up was a first rounder this year. Second round the next year. It's solid value. But when you have elite prospects like Strome sitting in Brideport, it's worth the risk.

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#1218969 Lundqvist 2013 - new pad rule?

Posted by Derek21 on 23 October 2013 - 12:14 AM

Re:  writing Marty off prematurely, if he was at a different stage in his career, and there wasn't a guy who can clearly be an effective #1 on the roster, I'd be preaching patience for sure.  But the numbers are what they are.  He has an .878 save% in his last 18 games (dating back to last season).  He's been up-and-down since the start of the 2010-11 season...his overall regular season save% since that season began is .903 (well below his career .913)...and that includes a couple of nice runs (.923 save% over the final 29 games of 2010-11, .923 save% over the last 27 games of 2011-12).  Problem is it took him a long time in both of those seasons to get it going...it was great when he did, but the Devils aren't in a position where they can give him until January or February to start playing well, especially when they go winless in their first seven games, and even more so when there's a guy who's simply better right now.  Though nothing is decided in 7-8 games, this is one of those situations where DeBoer had to make a judgment call, and based on recent history, I think he's making the right one, but at the same time, he can't bail on Schneider the first time he gives up four or five goals either.    


As far as the all-time goalie debate goes, I can only stick to guys I saw play, but I've always maintained:


Best pure puck-stopper:  Hasek

Best clutch performer:  Roy

Best all-arounder, most durable:  Brodeur


Though Brodeur gets credit for durability (as he should) and for having a very long prime, Roy clearly still could've kept playing if he wanted to...he put up .925 and .920 save%s in his final two years with the Avs...he was not showing any real signs of noticable decline.  Though he wasn't always starting 70+ games like Marty, he started 60+ every year from 1991-92 through 2002-03 (with the exception of '95 of course), right through the end of his career.  Roy doesn't get enough credit for being pretty durable himself, and the fact that his prime was also freakishly long. 


Hasek's overall numbers are thrown off because his career started so late, but he was pretty amazing at the end of his career too, given his age...his last two seasons (he was 42 and 43 at the end of each year) he went a combined 65-21-9, had GAAs of 2.05 and 2.14, and a combined save% of .909.  Clearly he was playing for a couple of terrific Red Wings teams, but the fact that he was able to provide competent goaltending as he was approaching his mid-40s is a hell of an accomplishment.    


What's fair to say is that Brodeur is going out worse than the other two...Roy and Hasek were helped by playing on better teams than Marty is on right now, but neither player had anyone debating whether or not they had hung on too long...in Roy's case, it's actually the opposite.  Sadly, people are now wondering that about Marty. 


In order for it to work, Schneider has to play 45-50. Originally, I thought if you split him and Marty 41/41 that would be perfect. It's really tough to do what they're doing because of Marty's Hall Of Fame career. It must be very humbling for a man that not long ago, had your team eyeing a storybook comeback against the Kings. I think until their defense steadies (DeBoer-Harrold session, Volchenkov), it won't matter who's in net. Obviously, Schneider is the better puck stopper at this point. The lack of mobility is a concern. Plus you need the offense (Zajac, Henrique) to come around. Elias' return should help.


I am going to echo your sentiments regarding the Elite 3 (Brodeur, Hasek, Roy). Marty being the most consistent having longevity along with the records (wins, shutouts, appearances). He also has that streak of 40 wins or more and 30-plus that probably will never be duplicated. Dominator for me was unbelievable. The unorthodox style he played, it was like watching a slinky. And he was small. I remember seeing him before that snowstorm game in February '01. I marveled at what he could do. That was the game Rafalski tied it after the buzzer. Very tough driving hazards. It's hard to say how many more wins, shutouts he might've had. You can only marvel at the talent. He definitely benefited from moving to Detroit. But those Buffalo teams had little talent. Roy won 2 with Montreal and 2 with Colorado. The ones with the Avs were easier. They had much more talent. He wowed as a rook the same year Claude Lemieux started his playoff reputation. '93 was the best one. All the crazy overtimes. Another unbreakable record.


Brodeur's best moments:


1.2003-backstopped team past a loaded Sens and stood up to the pressure in the home series vs Ducks.

2.2012-I have to put this second because nobody gave them a shot. They beat 3 higher seeds (Panthers, Flyers, Rangers). And he got the better of Lundqvist at 40. Remarkable. Bitter pill to swallow. And he gave the Devils a shot in that final. Just didn't score enough.

3.1994-I still put this pretty high on my list due to the caliber goaltending display. He was unbelievable. A star was born.

4.2000-That was a tougher road than '95. Leafs/Devils Part I was intense. Then dethroning the champion Stars in a goalie duel against Eddie. Vintage stuff.

5.1995-Most probably have this higher because it was his first Cup. I never understood why the Red Wings were heavy favorites. It was the Devils who lost in a classic ECF versus us. The Wings lost to the Sharks. They had the experience. It showed. It took Detroit 2 more years.

6.Olympic Gold '02 Salt Lake. If you're a pure hockey fan, this will probably be in the top 3. Canada's drought. And he took over for Cujo and finally led Canada to gold in a classic against Team USA. A great Olympic moment.


You could rank the other records and round out your top 10. I guess for a Devil fan, it would look different. I think it shouldn't matter how he goes out. He's a legend. Even if I didn't say the right thing regarding the Henrik stuff, you have to admire Brodeur. He shouldn't be run out of town. I'd still rather have him backing up than most. Maybe he'll surprise you. When he retires, the rivalry loses some of its appeal. It already started with Schneider getting the start Saturday. It won't be the same.

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