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New York Yankees 2015 Thread

17 February 2015 - 11:40 PM

I figured why not. I know most here aren't Yankee fans. But I know there are some diehards. So, that said, what are you most looking forward to now that A-Rod wrote his ridiculous letter apology. :P 


1.Refsnyder and Pirela competing for 2nd against Drew. Let's face it. Refsnyder sounds like a dream. He has hit at every level and wants to prove the scouts wrong for not taking him. Maybe he turns into that next guy.


2.A full season of Michael Pinetareda. I just had to. In all seriousness, he made great strides last year following Pine Gate. Can he finally stay healthy and put it all together? If he can and Tanaka doesn't have any arm trouble, they can form a solid 1-2. 


3.Betances closing and Miller setting up. Imagine you have two flamethrowers who are nasty and in their prime. Enter Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller. How will Betances handle closing? Is he ready? Can Miller adjust to life in the Big Apple? A great lefty/righty 1-2 punch. 


4.Jersey retirements. Whether we agree or disagree with it, Bernie Williams, Andy Pettite and Jorge Posada will be honored this season. Bernie is the most deserving of the former Core members. Also, nice to see them recognize Willie Randolph. How about finally honoring other past greats such as Ron Guidry? Or is that not allowed? 


5.Keep an eye on Luis Severino and Aaron Judge. Both could be call ups in August or September. 





A.Who will lead the Yanks in home runs and RBI's? I'll say McCann.


B.Can Teixeira stay on the field? Short answer. No. Garrett Jones is the backup. 


C.What can we expect from A-Rod? Aside from the circus, maybe 10-15 home runs if he proves capable at DH. 


D.Can Beltran rebound from an injury plagued 2014? I'm gonna say yes. He hits 20 homers and knocks in 75. 


E.How will new SS Didi Gregorius do? Defensively, he should be fine. Offensively, that could be a issue. 


F.Can they turn around Nathan Eovaldi? I am not sure. 


G.Who are potential sleepers? Bryan Mitchell, Justin Wilson and J.R. Murphy. 


H.Can Austin Romine beat out J.R. Murphy for backup catcher? Possibly since he's out of options. Otherwise, he'll be traded.


I.What can Ivan Nova bring when he returns? It's iffy.


J.Does CC Sabathia have anything left? At this point, probably not. But he should be able to win 12.




Prediction: I have the Yankees penciled in for 85 wins. 

Insulting fans' intelligence

15 February 2015 - 04:33 PM

A nice write up from Hasan. 


Insulting fans' intelligence

Tim Peel suspension controversy

03 February 2015 - 04:06 PM

As some probably already know, Tim Peel met Puck Daddy's Greg Wyshynski at Foley's in Manhattan to clear the air. Peel has been heavily criticized by Greg and fans alike for badly officiated games. I am no fan of his either but felt it took balls to meet Greg and discuss his side of things at a bar. There is a human side we don't get to see of officials. My Dad being a referee could identify with that. When the original post debuted last week, my first thought was 'Wow. He really put himself out there.' Plus the photo of them sharing tequila shots. Probably not the wisest choice for the piece. Of course, Peel was also very candid about how certain calls are impacted. 


The NHL caught wind of this and suspended Peel for the Pens/Devils game last Friday. Then there were rumors that he was suspended indefinitely. But worked the next day. Wyshsynski wrote a follow up to the original. 


Tim Peel, his 'suspension' and how it blew up in the NHL's face



Hasan's Brodeur Post

31 January 2015 - 01:04 AM

I figured this one deserved it's own thread. Marty Brodeur is forever a New Jersey Devil. That's how he'll be remembered. As one of the all-time greats. I loved the video Hasan chose.


Brodeur Retires From Playing 



As for my memories of Brodeur, I'll list a few.


-'94 Conference Final Game 7 heroic in defeat

-'97 scores goal vs Habs 

-'00 and 03 Stanley Cups the 2000 one vs Belfour was great and 03 Conf. Final vs Sens Game 7 in particular

-'02 Canada Olympic Gold Marty vs Richter one final time

-Marty vs Hank regular season at MSG double shutout that was one of the best 0-0 games ever Devils won the shootout

-552 wins vs Hawks

-'12 ECF outplays Lundqvist at 40


What are your favorite Brodeur memories?