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In Topic: Canucks livid about 'cheap shot' on Naslund

18 February 2004 - 04:09 AM

See the thing is that since I can't say whether the hit was dirty or not I also cannot decide whether you a whining or are justified. Anyways.............are you griping about this on the message boards of all 30 teams? Cause if thats the case then even if it was a dirty hit you are being a whiner.

You don't make sense... I'll just move on. Thanks.

In Topic: Canucks livid about 'cheap shot' on Naslund

18 February 2004 - 03:22 AM

If the hit was clean then Naslund or not you guys have nothing to complain about.

True. The only thing I'm complaining about is the poor and inconsistent officiating ;/

It is tenfold worse when your best player goes down and the referees turn a blind eye on it.

In Topic: Canucks livid about 'cheap shot' on Naslund

18 February 2004 - 03:03 AM

["That kid's a piece of sh--," Bertuzzi said. "We play them twice more, and hopefully they'll keep him [in the lineup]. It's called respect. Things like that kid . . . shows the respect we have around the league.]

So what do you intend to do Todd, you POS? Kill him? Injure him so he can't play any more to show what a damn tough guy, you are? Is the whole team going to attack him at once? Is Crawford going to join in?

If I was in Granato's shoes, if anyone, and I mean anyone on the Couver team went after that kid with the intent of injuring him and I suspected that Crawford sent them out to do it with his blessings, Bertuzzi would be the first to go down with a trashed knee after a knee-on-knee hit. He wouldn't see the rest of the regular season OR the playoffs.

If they wanted to play that kind of game, I'd be certain as head coach that they got to play it first hand. You live by the stick, you die by the stick.

Betuzzi is a total ass and always has been.


Whoa....... Bertuzzi's got more character then you do, prick.. He's deserved his accolades and it is not very fitting for a lame nobody to diss Bert for no good reason (absolutely none).

I don't know what you are getting from his quote.. what he's simply saying is that they'll try to home in on the guy and either check him hard (LEGALLY) or do other LEGAL move against him to take him out of the game, hopefully.

In Topic: Canucks livid about 'cheap shot' on Naslund

18 February 2004 - 02:59 AM

C'mon! Don't be hypocritical, already...

What would you be saying if your team had played the Avs and this Moor guy took out your leading center Patrik Elias? I'm sure these boards would fill up with a lot of whining fans. And I won't accuse you of much... it's the nature of fans to bitch about those things..

Naslund is leading scorer in the league! He means everything to Canucks. Even if that meant nothing, I still think the hit wasn't "clean" as you argue it to be. That Moor guy clearly diverted from the puck at the last moment to make the hit. He didn't even slow down!! Naslund didn't hold the puck, and it fact it was not exactly where the Moore guy hit... So, I don't see how this was an "innocent collision" while attempting to gain the puck.

In Topic: Devils Canucks game thread`

06 February 2004 - 01:59 AM

Sorry to intrude on your conversation.. I'm a Canuck fan (Vancouver native).

I feel for your loss, guys.. although as you may realize I"m pretty excited for the Canucks. It's been terrible for the team the past two games. Those were horrible losses, or I'd rather call them near misses. It was great to see Canucks rebound so strong.

With regards to your team.. I think it is a great team, the one that should make their fans proud. I won't lie if I say that most of Canucks fans would be ecstatic if Marty was in the net on *OUR* side ;-) I don't understand guys out there who have the guts to diss Marty for this loss despite of his unbelievable record so far. As the saying goes: "sh!t happens".

We (nucks fans) felt a lot worse when our team lost to really poor teams (islenders and the rangers). The Devils lost to Canucks who are tied for #1 spot in the League (with Colorado), so what's the big deal? What I"m trying to say is that even despite of the 4-0 score, don't get so hard on your team. The best teams out there simply have off nights once or at most twice in a season.


(Canucks fan forever!! Marty is lub!)