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In Topic: Gdt Rangers at NJ @7pm

28 September 2015 - 10:34 AM

From the horse's mouth (saw him @ Short Hills Mall yesterday and talked to him for a minute) - he's not starting the season.

:(  :(

In Topic: Devils hoping to retire Marty's #30 this season

04 September 2015 - 09:28 AM

I don't recall ever calling you a "fake fan".  I'm hardly trying to sell some "fake fan" agenda.  I readily admit that here is a certain kind of Devil fan that I have trouble relating to...specifically, the kind (not necessarily saying you) that thinks that the gravy train of success was never going to reach the end of the tracks.  But as I have said on many occasions, I also get that the fan who was born in the mid-to-late 80s likely has nothing but memories of mostly good-to-excellent regular seasons and occasional extended playoff runs.  They know nothing else when it comes to the Devils, and are adjusting.  So even if I find that kind of fan hard to deal with sometimes, I can somewhat understand where he's coming from.


As far as the "carrying on" thing goes, when I clicked on the link in the first post, yeah, I thought it sucked that some people are still carrying on about Marty playing those games with the Blues, seeing words like "traitor", "loser" and "foolish" being used to describe him.  So I posted my opinion of the people who were saying those things on that site.  Didn't say jack about you or anyone here, but I thought that the particular people on that site were being idiotic by calling him a traitor and a loser.  But for some reason you turned it into more than that by responding to me when I didn't even mention you (and I did overreact, and that's on me). 


I shouldn't have indirectly called you an idiot and for that I apologize, but at the same time, I guess I'll always have an issue with anyone who's disappointed with how Marty ended his hockey career, especially when he gave us so much to enjoy and remember.  Sure, some of how it ended was sad.  But I almost feel like when a player has a career like Marty's, you put your feelings aside and just think "Well, if that he wants, he's earned the right."  Even you don't necessarily agree with his choices.

Ok, fair enough. I didn't even notice comments on the original post, I assumed you were just referencing our older discussions on njdevs. So my apologies for that. Something something when you assume.

It would appear thought that we are not going to find middle ground on this  "you can you be disappointed with something some does while still appreciate the other things that they have done" concept. So agree to disagree?

In Topic: Devils hoping to retire Marty's #30 this season

03 September 2015 - 04:04 PM

Hull and Orr in hockey did.  Ruth barely played with the Braves.  Mike Modano missed half the season he played with the Red Wings.


Has any goalie in the modern era (1970-) stayed with one team and had a Hall of Fame career?  I guess Dryden did, but he had a very short career.  Roy didn't.  Hasek didn't.  Belfour didn't.  Joseph didn't.  Luongo didn't.  It's REALLY really hard to stay with one team as a goalie because there will usually come a time in a goalie's career where he thinks he is still a starter and his team doesn't think that.  Even guys who weren't HOF level but who stayed in the same place for forever like Turco and Kolzig had their moment in their career where they felt this.  If Lundqvist retires at say, 36,  I bet he stays the whole time with the Rangers.  If he retires at 40, I bet he doesn't.  

Hull and Ruth played for multiple teams before ending with a short stint, Orr is a better example, but even he played 2 years on the hawks. If Marty played for the Jets for 5 seasons and then then finished 7 with St. Louis it wouldn't have been an issue, he would have already lost the "whole career with one team" thing.

You keep saying its super rare, and I agree, that's what would have made his career even more special.

Edit: Mike Modano is a great comparison. Dallas fans were crushed when he left. Are they somehow lesser and unappreciative fans? 

In Topic: Devils hoping to retire Marty's #30 this season

03 September 2015 - 03:55 PM

Obviously, if you think someone who's unemployed but still wants to work somehow shouldn't dare exercise his right to find a new team...and that doing so taints THE longest body of work ever spent by an NHL goalie with one team BY FAR, and takes away from a career that was chock full of signature moments.  "The end result"?  Oh my god, he played seven whole games with another team when his original team didn't want him anymore!  The horror!  That ruins everything!  Now it's not the same!  fvcking REALLY?!


Has's list says it all, and there's more where they came from.  Look, you're one of those people who get can't over it and can't handle the fact that he didn't retire on your terms.  And sadly you're not alone. 

Again you are under some weird impression that when I called his 7 games in St. Louis wasteful that I was somehow talking about his entire career. I was not, and I corrected you several times. Yet to this day you maintain otherwise. That's some weird cognitive dissonance you are showing off here. 

At no point did I or anyone ever say anything about ruining his entire career, that's another cr1976  fabrication that you have made to fit this weird "omg look at these fake fans!" narrative that you are desperately trying to sell.

I love and appreciate everything that Marty has given to this organization. I proudly hang his jersey in my closet, I have an autographed paper plate that my aunt was able to get him to sign at a restaurant in super stalker like fashion, when I was young Marty almost ran me over with his car while I was waiting for autographs which at the time (and still do) I thought was the coolest thing every. While he is not my favorite Devil (that honor goes to Mr. Terreri) he's very close, and like many others here, I have grown up while watching every single Brodeur game. 

Believe it or not, being disappointed in his final decision and appreciating everything he has given to our team are not mutually exclusive ideas.

Some people were fine with what Marty did, others indifferent, some were disappointed like myself. It's fine to have a differing opinion but you take it to the next level. All you want to do is sh!t all over other fans who have a different perspective the your own.

But that was months ago, and you are still carrying on about it. you could at least try and be a little more respectful, i think the cr1976 from some of those other njdevs "forums decency" threads would would have agreed.

In Topic: Devils hoping to retire Marty's #30 this season

03 September 2015 - 03:29 PM

Of course it would have been a nice cherry on top of Marty's career if he finished his career that home game against the Bruins but it seldom ends up 'clean' like that

Yea but we were reaaally close here. Most of us thought he was going to retire in the offseason, I get that he still wanted to see if he had anything left but it was still disappointing when you consider the end result.

If Marty played 2-3 more seasons, even as a back up somewhere I think he belongs on that list. How many greats go out playing 7 games for another team?