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Fans For A New NHL

24 February 2005 - 07:57 PM

hello everyone. i want to reach every hockey fan i can find to fill everyone in on a petition that has been created.
a poster at a Flyers message board made a suggestion and i decided to move on it. ive created an online petition to issue to the NHL with some suggestions on rules changes that we as hardcore hockey fans think are absolutely essential to the survival of the league. not all signees have to agree with every rule change mentioned. the object is to get as many ideas through to the league and hope that a little attention gets drawn either in the media or from the league directly. anyone who signs also gets a comment field where they can sound off about the listed rules they DONT want, or add their own in for good measure. the list of rules is nowhere near all-inclusive, but we hope to get something constructive accomplished.

here is the URL of the petition...

i hope that most of you feel that this is not only worth adding your name to, but worth passing along to other friends in the hockey community. as fans, we have all been suffering since the lockout started. but maybe we can have a small hand in not having to suffer from the same brand of boring, unexciting hockey when the NHL resumes play that we've seen in the last 8-10 years.

please take some time, add your name and comments, and let the NHL know exactly what you think.


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