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#1197364 Non New Jersyians/International Posters- Why Did You Choose the Devils

Posted by Aitchmack on 26 June 2013 - 04:27 PM

Another tale of randomness from over the pond in the UK!


Way back in the mid to late seventies (yes, I'm old) when the UK only had three TV channels there used to be a program every saturday afternoon called World of Sport. This program used to run through a few highlights of tha major sporting events from around the world. So, from the USA we'd get  the  very brief clips of Nascar, NFL, NBA, MLB & some hockey. I loved the MLB and NFL but it was the ice hockey that really made an impression on me. I guess it was the combination of skill, speed and the physical that caught my eye. The only real alternative in the UK was soccer so I followed that.


Jump forward a decade or so  and the NFL started to get shown in depth over here and I became probably the only Green Bay fan to start supporting the team because they we're so bad it was comical. Jump forward another decade and I was trying to find a game I could play with my soccer hating son on his Xbox when I remembered watching ice hockey on tv all those years ago, so went and bought one of the NHL 2K games. Chosing a team was just a case of flicking through the teams until I saw one  I liked and the Devils were that team. From playing the game I fell in love with the team and scoured the internet for info (and found this site among others) and soon realised I could watch the games on the internet and I've probably only missed about ten games over that last four seasons.


Now my seven year old daughter watches games with me whenever they're on early enough and frequently tries to sneak down late at night to watch games. She wants to know why I can't take her to a Devils game and can't understand why Pavel Datsyuk (who she thinks is the greatest player in the world) doesn't want to play for the Devils.


What else is there to say? Ah yes..........Go Devils!!!!!

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