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04 March 2013 - 09:11 AM

Question for you guys.... some at work just handed me a jersey they had sitting in their closet for who knows how many years. Its a white Pro Player jersey (the material feels heavier then any other jersey ive worn). Its blank with only the Devils logo stitched on the front, pro player logo patch on sleeve cuff and eastern conference patch and pro player logo on bottom in back. Any idea what year its from?


But main question.... Id like to get it customized and have name and number patches sewn on. Any idea where the best place to take it would be (or send it I suppose) I dont have any of the patches, so I could not provide those, so looking for a full service place. Im in mid-central jersey, so somewhere in that area would be best, and I suppose I could ship it somewhere if that is a more cost effective/better result scenario. Thanks for any info!