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In Topic: The 100 Unsexiest Men in the World

19 April 2006 - 01:46 PM


I think if these journalists had the vast exposure to A$$holik that we've had, he'd have been seriously considered for the list. Same with ole' "Cornelius" Odelein. :lol: Then again, I used to know a girl whose sister found Lyle hot so there's no accounting for taste. :puke:

In Topic: American Idol 2006

10 March 2006 - 06:53 PM

Well, I wasn't that upset over the boots last night although Ayla should have stayed over the likes of Paristasia and Pickler. :blink: I can't stand either of those overrated, overpimped girls at this rate! Their vocals have NOT impressed me and their personalities are bothering me. I read on some board that Hee Haw Hickler was all over Chris last night at the end of the show?? If true, guess she forgot he's MARRIED? :huh: Maybe Slime-on called her "little minx" for good reason!

Gedeon did deserve to stay over Bucky or Kevin based on this week's performance, but let's face it, the kid was a bit creepy. Between his smile, preacher type speech, and that freaking acid-induced painting, I think it was a bit much for some fans. :lol: I personally would have rather kept Will over Chicken Little though. Kev MUST be getting the 80 year old vote like Simon said since the teenies vote for Ace, I imagine. I'm just relieved the Amish Leprechaun Elliott stayed for now. Yeah, he's really hard on the eyes but he can SING! And of course my man Chris made it, yay!!! :koolaid: :dance:

Another highlight - the unpimped one Melissa stays another week, much to Simon's dismay. :lol: She really is actually somewhat decent and she's gotten the total shaft on the show so far with the severe lack of airtime overall. I have a feeling even if she sang the best in the future he'd find a reason to downgrade her and get her kicked off just to save his Pimped Pets "Gary Coleman" (Paris) and Picklehead.

What is up with the Stevie Wonder theme? Like we haven't heard enough of him over the five years of Idol? :noclue: I guess they are praying Chris and Bucky have a trainwreck!! I think Chris actually might be able to pull it off if he picks the right song, but Buckster might be toast here. :lol:

In Topic: American Idol 2006

01 March 2006 - 02:52 PM

All the more reason they probably really want a white male to win is that when you look at the previous winners, the only TRUE successful winner has been a white female. I think by getting a white male to win, they'll somewhat come full circle and will have their best shot at mainstream success.

When you look at the winners, how successful in mainstream have they been?

Season 1: Kelly Clarkson -- she's won multiple HUGE awards (ie Grammy, VMA), she broke out and has had huge success. However, when she was under the reigns of AI, she was looked at as somewhat of a joke. It wasn't until she broke free that she became the superstar she is today.
Season 2: Ruben Studdard -- He had that one single that was remotely successful in mainstream, but really hasn't done much else. He was supposed to do that whole weight-loss campaign but aborted not even weeks into the project. Where is he now?
Season 3: Fantasia -- She's been pretty successful in the BET world, when I'm flipping through the channels I often see her on the channel and she does have some R&B success, but I don't think I've ever heard a song of hers really circulate through the radio aside from R&B stations. Not really a mainstream artist.
Season 4: Carrie Underwood -- The jury is out, but I don't really think she'll end up being a mainstream pop artist. She's probably going to appeal to the country fans, and maybe a Z100-type station will pick up a song or two of her, but I don't think we'll see music videos galore on MTV nor do I think we'll hear her all over the radio.

So, if AI has a shot at another gem, they probably should go for a white male. However, it can be argued that AI didn't really mold Kelly to be who she is NOW, rather, they were the foundation of her success. I think they can pull out another mainstream pop star, but with the crops they have now, it's going to have to be a white male. I could see Ace probably as their top choice.

I've never heard Fantasia on mainstream stations, not once!! She must be only on the urban stations that play r and b, hip hop, and rap. I'm kinda glad for that though, cus' I can't stand listening to her screeching voice. :lol: Ruben is going to have a smaller niche too given his style of music - r and b and gospel??? Not everyone enjoys it. Plus he's so morbidly obese I just can't see this guy substaining his career for long - he's already had health scares.

As for Carrie, I think those in charge knew that she'd mainly appeal to the country market but she's already sold over 2 million albums.... so she'll make them $$$$ even if she stays country, since country music has a big fanbase all over the country (yes, even in the Northeast to some degree!). Maybe she'll cross over into the country-pop realm in the future like Shania and Faith Hill did.

The ironic thing about Kelly Clarkson being the most successful Idol EVER of ANY Idol competition in the world is that the dumbass producers never even wanted her to win!! They wanted Tamyra to be the victor! :lol: That just goes to show they don't know sh!t sometimes, as far as what the public wants. I really wish they'd ease up on the pimpage with certain contestants, even with those I like. Season 1 had a bit less of that manipulation and it all worked out - the fans DID vote for the BEST, without it being shoved down their throat every second! Of course, I had to endure the Tamyra Love Fest for a while before she went bye bye.... but it was still nothing compared to recent seasons.

I think Ace is their man this year, and Chris if Ace falters. Both have appeal, just to different fanbases I guess (depends if you go for "boy-band-pop-r and b" or "alternative-rock"). Taylor or one of those teens like Will might be the back up back up plan. The reason I don't think they want ANY non-white dude winning is cus look at who they chose.....

1) Bobby Bennett :lol:

2) Gedeon - scary Joker type smile, not a horrid singer but nothing that makes you go "wow", huge ego and annoying personality. He'll be LUCKY to make the top 12.

3) Sway - uh, no. Sings like he's been castrated, and doesn't sing WELL as it is. Very bland r and b sound with crappy vocals. He might squeak into the Top 12 if Gedeon doesn't (if the show feels like they HAVE to have at least one non white dude in the Top 12.. the judges pimp his ass too much for my liking).

I pray to god PARIS isn't in their plans to win if a few of the top guys doesn't pan out, cus I can't tolerate her!!!!! It's like Mantasia all over again. :rolleyes: Yeah, I know she doesn't sing EXACTLY the same way but it's the whole package that's irritating the fvck out of me. :lol:

In Topic: Absent NHL Olympians may be docked pay

01 March 2006 - 02:34 PM

Forsberg has small feet.
And you know what they say about small feet!
Small socks!

Is he wearing socks there?? That's the first thing I thought, but maybe they are white shoes??

Jeez, they should change his nickname from Foppa to Drunka! Or is it Full-a in Svensk?? :lol: These hammered Forsberg photos are the best thing to come out of the Olympics!

In Topic: American Idol 2006

01 March 2006 - 02:06 PM

I thought the girls as a whole were pretty mediocre. But I do agree with RD that the judges slammed on some of them a bit too much, which kinda proves my point that they so want a WHITE MALE to win. :lol:

Case in point, Ayla and Melissa. I believed they were among the best of the night (not GREAT by any means, but decent) and the judges critiqued them almost as much as some of the others who legitimately sucked! :puke: And they seemed to go easy on those like Lisa, Paristasia, and Kellie Picklehead when it came to their weak vocals.

(Is it just me or did Paris seem to sing most of that song in too low a key? It sounded like sh!t!!!! I assumed she was doing this to hit the high notes, so she didn't sound like a helium chipmunk, but the rest of the song was horrid. I don't recall the judges saying ANYTHING about this!!!!)

I reaaaaaaally hope the guys are better tonight. :lol: