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I'm back...

08 October 2004 - 09:06 AM

Ah, computer access, finally. Just thought I'd say hello. I moved to Myrtle Beach this summer, but haven't had computer access. Still really don't - I'm just taking advantage of my hospitality class :noclue: . Really miss Jersey, especially my diner. Guess it's Denny's for now on :angry: . People can't drive here, there's no good bagels or pizza or italian bread, or even deli sandwiches - I think it has to do with the air :unsure: ...it's...different...Not bad though, at least I don't live in a virtual cardboard box anymore with some indigent landlord who can't even fix a leaky pipe and leaves the house smelling like feet. At least the guy next door looks like Brian Gionta :uni: :uni: :whistling: .