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In Topic: Am I wrong in thinking Brodeur needs

11 April 2004 - 11:39 PM

[quote name='FunkyBlueFish203' date='Apr 11 2004, 12:54 AM']Wow. Did I just read 2 pages of this? Devils fans ready to blame Marty Brodeur. Has the panic wagon started already?

I don't think panic has anything to do with it. I think we're all just so used to Marty being Marty and giving the team a chance to win every night, that it's taken some of us by surprise to see him playing the way he has the past 2 games.

[quote]Without Stevens, the only way the Devils can win is if Marty Brodeur plays absolutely spectacular and literally steals this thing. [/quote]

This is how I felt before the series started but not after the first 2 games. The Devils have outshot the Flyers in both games and did not need Brodeur to stand on his head to win them.

[quote]There's NO coverage around the net. You've got big Philly guys pushing Marty around, setting up big screens in front of him. [/quote]

Only on a few plays. They're not doing it consistently. The Flyers only got 26 and 18 shots in the 2 games. The defense is not playing that bad.

[quote]Could he have had a couple of goals in the last 2 games? Sure. [/quote]

C'mon man. When a goalie "could have had a couple of goals" in 2 playoff games, he's killing his team's chances of winning the game.

[quote]But last time I checked, he wasn't the reason the Devils lost. [/quote]

I'm going to have to insist you check again then.

[quote]Maybe some of the other players can get their heads out of their rear ends and step it up. [/quote]

Who do you suggest "step it up"?
The scorers, with the exception of Friesen, are scoring. The defense has allowed 44 shots over 2 games.

[quote]Maybe they can stop taking dumb penalties or creating turnovers. [/quote]

They've taken 3 penalties in 2 games.

[quote]Maybe the so-called skilled forwards can use their speed and create open ice and chances for themselves. Maybe they can score some goals for a change. [/quote]

Hrdina, Gomez, Elias, Gionta, Langenbrunner, and Rasmussen all have 2 points in 2 games.

[quote]How 'bout a team effort for a change instead of just leaving it up to the goalie?[/quote]

Not sure what team you're talking about here. With the Devils, it has always been about the team. It has NEVER been about one individual player.

[quote]Martin Brodeur has played hurt since January. [/quote]

This is news to me. Can you confirm this?

[quote]He played last year's playoffs on a bad back and sore groin. [/quote]

I heard Marty state he wasn't injured after last year's playoffs.

[quote]Notice he is slow in getting up and moving around these days. It's the playoffs, no one talks about injuries.[/quote]

Sounds like you're trying to make excuses for the guy.

[quote]Calling him an arrogant prick - when this is the most humble guy on your team. The guy who comes to play everyday and gives it his all on the ice. The way this team is playing, Brodeur can practically sue for non-support. I'm amazed at the choice of words some of you have come up with for the guy who is not only the ultimate professional but a total class act. Ridiculous.[/quote]

Whoa, whoa, whoa. We're talking about a guy who, by his own comments made to the media, is not owning up to obviously soft play. We're also talking about a guy who slept with his sister-in-law while he was married. So I don't think the words "humble" or "class act" are appropo by any stretch of the imagination. And as far as non-support, allowing an average of 22 shots a game and only taking 3 penalties doesn't sound like "non-support" to me.

In Topic: Who deserves the most blame

11 April 2004 - 11:05 PM

I'm gonna have to say at this point, the blame game falls squarely on Marty's shoulders, with Burns closing the gap with his questionable decision to dress Larionov over Kozlov.

Esche is playing great, he's making the stops. The Devils offense is not to blame. They are outshooting the Flyers 65-44. The Devils scorers are scoring, Elias, Gomez, Gionta, Langenbrunner, Hrdina, and Rasmussen all have 2 points in 2 games. Of course you'd like more from Friesen, Madden, Pandolfo, and Brylin, but it's only been two games so far. If the shot totals were reversed, I could see blaming the offense.

To be honest, of the 6 goals Phily has scored, all of them were stoppable.
Of the 4 Devil goals, how many were stoppable? Maybe Hrdina's breakaway? But that's about it.

The Devils are getting soft goaltending and because of that, the physical pounding they've been taking looks worse that it is.

In Topic: Okay so Kozlov was a HEALTHY scratch?!

11 April 2004 - 10:53 PM

I cannot believe there are some Devil fans that don't have a problem with Larionov playing. The guy is totally useless and he proved that over the regular season. He avoids physical contact like the plague. He is not the answer to beating philly. Unless of course he suits up as a second goalie next to Brodeur. Between him and Marty in the crease at the same time, we should be able to get the save percentage up to .900.

Kozlov should play, especially considering his size. And I'm not too sure why Hale is a scratch either. As much as I like Martin, he's been a target of the Flyers forecheckers and is directly responsible for allowing that 1st goal in Game #1. He was racing to touch up the icing and it looked like he would win the race but at the last second he pulled up to shoulder the Flyer forechecker and not get plastered into the boards. He was afraid to take the hit to make the play. And as a result, the Flyers scored. This is not to say Brodeur isn't to blame for that goal as well. To allow a rebound into the slot off a shot from the corner boards is unacceptable as well. I don't know if I'd scratch Martin though, we need his offense.

In Topic: Okay so Kozlov was a HEALTHY scratch?!

11 April 2004 - 12:09 PM

Kozlov must have been injured. To insert Larionov makes no sense whatsoever. Is there a less physical forward in the league? Is there anyone who shies away from the physical play more than Larionov? Bicek would have been a better addition than Larionov.
I don't know what Burns was thinking.