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Why I hate the Lakers

23 May 2004 - 08:19 PM

1. Because their fans are as bad as the Leafs fans.
2. Because they brag too much (like Leafs) about nothing.
3. Because I hate their coach (with passion).
4. Because they own the referees and run the entire NBA.
5. Because I hate their fans (ooops, I think I already said that).
n. Well, because I hate basketball along with anyone who thinks it's better than hockey. :puke:

And did I say I dislike Kobe Bryant as much as I dislike the Toronto Maple Leafs? :puke: :puke:

That team sure needs to be put in its right place - youknowwhere. :argh: :argh:

Armenian genocide recognized...

21 April 2004 - 11:19 PM

... by the Canadian parliament. Bill M-380 (introduced by MP Dalphond-Guiral of the Bloc Quebecois) was passed with 153 YEAs to 68 NAYs.

This amidst a "scandal" that Bill Graham e-mailed all MPs and asked them vote against the bill, in order to save diplomatic ties between Canada and Turkey.

Share your thoughts on this one if you wish.