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In Topic: Brett Hull storms out of practice

06 September 2004 - 08:40 AM

``I don't give a .... about the fans anymore,'' said Hull. 

This is EXACTLY why I'm hoping for a long, very long lockout. I pay Primo Good Money to see the rich pretty boy prima donas' play the game I love. Each year it gets worse, their salary goes up and so does my out of pocket expenses. I can't afford to bring my family anymore, so its just me. And what des the average fan get in return? we get the Golden Brett saying were not worth a shiite.

Fek em all. Lock em out til they lose thier homes and cars and then lets rebuild this League with the talent the Juinors can offer us.

109 DTG before the USA World Junions Champions defend their Gold medals.

In Topic: Well Met

20 June 2004 - 09:29 PM

Is this the same Devil Dan that on the 2000 video goes, 'Devil Dan says NJ in 6' before the Stars series? :lol:

LOL thats me! So drunk I couldn't hold my head up straight to look into the camera..... Of all the interviews I had that year, I can't believe outta all the good hockey talk I gave they found the one clip I wasn't sober on and chose it. *L* the rest is history... :evil:

In Topic: Biggest devil "bust"

20 June 2004 - 09:12 PM


Malakhov (just because we won the Cup with him on the team doesn't mean he wasn't a bust)
Deron Quint

Essa Tikkanen LMAO
The only thing I can tink of worse that getting fishmouth Tikka was seeing someone in my Section (217) with a new sweater and his name on it. We only had Tikka for 21 days, not games, DAYS!!!

Them WHAMMO! We sent that Ranger Scum Packing!

Bernie Nichols was another BlueSkirt Nightmare foisted on us.