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In Topic: NFL Week 16!!!!

Today, 07:51 PM

Poor Clown...the Raiders do seem to rise up for the home games though :P

In Topic: NJ Devs Fantasy Football Smack Talk 2014

Today, 07:30 PM

Good season Manta and you sure had your chances to win this week (thanks mostly to Luck's collosal no-show), but I guess it was just my year in the end. My team put up 130 points a week till today, this was a rare season where everything just went right from soup to nuts...normally injury prone guys staying healthy for the most part with everyone producing at or above their anticipated level, and nobody going to jail or being suspended.  Even my lone defeat this season was avenged with style last week and when I finally had an ill-timed horrible game this week Beckham and Foster carried me over the finish line. Might as well stick with the tried and true YouTube to wrap this up:



Back to back baby!  First team ever in this league to repeat :)



In Topic: NFL Week 16!!!!

Today, 06:58 PM


NY Giants at St Louis:

Thank God, Dallas and Indy is on CBS….ain’t nobody gonna be watching THIS one…..oh wait, we’re supposed to oogle and ooohhh and ahhhhh at mister Sticky Gloves and his overrated one handed catches that are gonna hype him into an Offensive Rookie of the Year he has NO business in winning (yes this is going to annoy more than that fraking Salsa that Victor Cruz does….deal with it!)


Yeah okay, just another 150 and two TD's today lol

In Topic: 2014 Miami Dolphins thread

Today, 05:31 PM

Sorry guys  :P

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross says HC Joe Philbin will return next season.

In Topic: I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Today, 05:24 PM

I know not everyone can do this but is it possible for you move your seats? I actually sat downstairs for the first few seasons at the rock and I was surrounded by a bunch of miserable negative people who did nothing but bitch and moan all game, even when we were winning! So I finally reached my breaking point and moved my seats to the 100s. I'm now in the best section I have ever been in with the same people almost every game and I've had full season tickets since 02. Sure some of us get a bit more negative this season but overall it's been great.

I actually ended up saving a lot of money moving my seats too. Best thing I ever did and I am now in seats that will most likely be mine until I die.


I'm in 120 which can be pretty bad in terms of fan stupidity.  But I do like my location (behind the net, on the aisle) and there aren't too many sections with a lower price point.  Crappy seasons like this I could probably sneak into another section if I really needed to get away from the nonsense on a game-by-game basis, well after the 9th anyway cause the next few games should be pretty packed.


Part of me's secretly hoping this season cleans out some of the dreck there :P