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In Topic: I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Yesterday, 10:03 PM

Oh it was there....it just wasn't as published back then.....I remember ABC editing out the player intros (in the 03 Finals) because it was "Un-Disney-like" to have us yelling SUCKS at the Duck players during the intros....which only made it louder....the hatred and the attitude was certainly there back then too :)


People thought Devil fans were classless for booing Giguere getting the Smythe lol...imagine the horror at some of the stuff that goes on now back in 2003 :P

In Topic: Brodeur retires, joins STL front office

Yesterday, 12:29 PM

My favorite all time player. There will never be another one. I couldn't care less that he played for the blues because I didn't watch the games so in my world it never happened.

I feel the same way about today's presser.

I do find it interesting that he said he wasn't neccesarily coming back next year. So either Lou fibbed to the media/fans, got the wrong message from Marty, or Marty just didn't want to come off as a carpetbagger in front of St. Louis considering he's working there the rest of the season.

In Topic: Brodeur retires, joins STL front office

Yesterday, 11:38 AM

Marty looks so uncomfortable in this news conference

He didn't want to retire, the league made the decision for him

In Topic: Same Ol' Sean Avery

Yesterday, 11:34 AM

He's not relevant because he's disliked. If anything his Twitter is only getting attention here because historically he's gone so far out of his way to bash Marty and its mockable

In Topic: Brodeur retires, joins STL front office

Yesterday, 11:26 AM

Meh, it would be a no-win situation. You make a small in-game announcement, and you're minimizing the legacy. You make a big spectacle, and you're doing the Clint Eastwood empty chair routine.

There is going to be an enormous number retiring ceremony soon enough (and perhaps he'll even be there for the '95 Cup reunion as a surprise). And he may end up with that one day contract at the end of the season, who knows.

I have no regrets how everything played out.

He'll be at the '95 reunion and it isn't a surprise, Matt said he texted Marty according to someone who listened to the radio