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In Topic: Official 2014 New York Mets Thread

Yesterday, 05:58 PM

I can't believe they're 8-7 after that 0-3 start.  Now let's start winning at home please?

In Topic: The Quest for 91

Yesterday, 05:13 PM

That guess was an excellent guess.  That's exactly what I was saying.  I apologize for not being more clear.


Ridiculous.  We were arguing about the East teams and standings specifically, you can't use the West to weasel out of this anymore than you can use the AHL or KHL when odds are there wasn't a single post about the West in this thread before today.


You're right.  I did say that and I was wrong.  But the problem is, Washington only had 90 points.  Meaning Columbus didn't need 93 to make the playoffs.  They only needed 91.


lol now we're arguing what ifs.  The argument specifically was how many points the DEVILS needed to make the playoffs.  Which turned out to be 93.

In Topic: 2013 Jets Thread

Yesterday, 02:26 PM

Or we could just start a 2014 thread lol

CJ is a Jet per Schefter on a 2-year deal. Good on Idzik, he had to improve the offense dramatically in FA and he's doing that. I did think the worst when he left town not signed.

In Topic: 2013 Jets Thread

Yesterday, 12:17 PM

I could care less about Rice to be honest...I get the logic and obviously he wouldn't cost much but god his legs are shot. I'd kind of rather just draft someone in a deep WR draft.

In Topic: 2013 Jets Thread

Yesterday, 11:37 AM

I know what you mean, however unlike Alderson, Idzik has at least gotten the Jets (with a spotty roster in general and very depleted offense) to .500 in a year that some expected 3-13/4-12. Alderson's Mets have yet to do that

I don't give Idzik nearly the credit for that I do Rex/Morningwheg. It really was a bad roster further compromised by one of their best players (Cromartie) being hampered the whole season.

Like Sandy, Idzik won't do anything unless the value chart tells him it's okay. We'll see what else Idzik does this year. Decker and Vick were a nice start but they were a day late and a dollar short on ninety different corners and god help us if the Pats (who do need a RB) swoop in and kick more dirt in our faces by signing CJ.
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