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#1334037 NHL and league wide scoring

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 06 November 2015 - 12:25 PM

The thing about the people who say the net should never be changed well how do you nullify the size advantage goalies have over their counterparts twenty and thirty years ago? And don't say reduce equipment size cause that's not happening.

Midgets like Chris Terreri would never make the NHL now much less be a starter and have a 12 year career, goalies even a little bigger make a huge difference with the size of the current net.
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#1306496 I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 24 February 2015 - 02:11 PM

1) Why do people keep calling for the thread to be closed? If you can't hang, then stop reading it? Obviously some people still have things to say on the topic. ?

But it's the SAME things over and over again and it's not exactly constructive to have the board constantly fighting with each other. Especially when 30% of the thread is one guy who can't wait to find an excuse to complain about the fans, 30% is another poster constantly calling him out and 35% is the same old complaining about YS.

Devil fans as a whole are the most self loathing fanbase out there and this thread constantly proves it.
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#1305810 Insulting fans' intelligence

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 20 February 2015 - 12:43 AM

Hindsight is ridiculous. I'm sorry. It's easy to piss and moan now about this decision. If I am Lou I would've done the samething coming off a finals appearance. 


Meaning you would have kept the #29 pick?  There's no hindsight involved, that was HIGHLY contreversial at the time.  It was embarassing and the highlight of hubris to lose the #10 pick two years after we kept #29.  Getting a #30 pick back was a consolation prize I'm sorry even Lou couldn't have bet on that happening.  And even that unexpected 'best' case scenario is debatable whether you'd rather have two low firsts or one high first.

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#1304917 Countdown to the Playoffs

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 14 February 2015 - 09:03 PM

Can someone just lock this thread please?  Before we read the Devils just need to go 22 and -1 to make the playoffs and they have a -.036 percent chance?

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#1304053 ESPN 30 for 30 - Of Miracles and Men

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 08 February 2015 - 11:30 PM

The story about Kharlamov, jesus freaking christ I had no idea.


I wonder why all the stories are coming out now (this and the Red Army movie too)...the 35th anniversary?  Or maybe cause Tihkonov passed recently.  Good grief, to say he was a hard-*** is actually underselling it.


And yeah the stuff about Lou and Slava coming to the NHL was good, loved the line about how he realized he was talking to himself when trying to reason with Tihkonov.

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#1302387 GDT: Leafs @ Devils, 7:30 MSGP

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 28 January 2015 - 10:05 PM

One of the few positives this season has been Larsson. He's gotten better and better.

Him, Cory and Severson if he ever gets his bionic ankle are literally the only reason to watch this lousy team
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#1302382 GDT: Leafs @ Devils, 7:30 MSGP

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 28 January 2015 - 10:02 PM

The Larsson haters can suck it
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#1301696 2014-2015 Around the league thread

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 22 January 2015 - 04:03 PM

And I get so sick and tired of hearing RATINGS RATINGS RATINGS justifying the same six teams in these games here.  We're not talking about Super Bowl ratings for crying out loud, the difference would probably be miniscule.  And putting the same six teams in the game is going to run the concept into the ground faster than if they spread it out. 


Let Canada rotate a game every year for the Heritage Classic, you can spread out the small market representation with games that'll get megaratings in Canada even if it's Edmonton-Calgary and let the US have a game for the New Year's Day.  Make it so you can't host a game more than once every ten years and play in more than two games every ten years on New Year's.

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#1301183 World Cup of Hockey

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 18 January 2015 - 06:57 PM

As a theory I don't mind the extra teams to get more players in, but what exactly would you CALL them?  There's no simple nickname for either of these teams...European All-Stars?  Young Stars?  Leftovers?  The first two are misnomers cause other nations obviously have European players and younger players as well.  They might as well just have the big six, then have one smaller nation win a spot and have one other miscellaneous All-Star team instead of two miscellaneous teams.  


As others have pointed out small nations playing the big teams is the only way they're going to improve their programs in the long run.  It wasn't any fun watching the US Dream Team beat Angola by 80 points, but after a generation a lot of other nations have improved their basketball to where the US can be beat in any Olympics/WC.

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#1297453 Breaking: Pete Deboer Fired

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 26 December 2014 - 03:58 PM

I said let them go to free agency... Did kovy went to free agency yes or no? Right.


Just stop...please.  Kovy 'went to free agency' when we traded for him as a rental to win a Stanley Cup.  What were they going to do, sign him when he got off the plane from Atlanta?  They had to use the 30 games plus playoffs as a trial period to see if he was going to work out enough for them to give big money to (and for him to want to stay here).  That - and him bolting on a signed contract to go to Russia - are both VASTLY different than Parise leaving.  And even he was more or less a rental to try to win a Cup too, which nearly worked.


Besides this is the coaching thread, don't hijack it with your broken record agenda.

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#1294534 GDT: 12/11/14 Morris Moss v. Your Dad

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 11 December 2014 - 12:15 AM

It would be one thing if the team was actually on a winning streak with these dopey titles.  But they're not.  So what's the point again?

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#1283749 Save us Jacques Lemaire

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 21 October 2014 - 09:42 PM

Tonight might have been the worst coached game I've seen since Julien left Madden on the bench twice for key shifts against Jagr when he scored two third-period goals and beat us late.  Every time I want to give Pete another chance and buy the bull**** about him being a great mind and all that, he does **** like putting Gionta out in the final minute of a tie game in the offensive zone, putting our slowest players on the ice in a 4-on-4 situation, or using Zidlicky as the 'defensive replacement' for Larsson. 

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#1279198 Should we be condensing topics on the board?

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 25 September 2014 - 04:47 PM

I was opposed to the Locker Room subforum back then because the off-topic section wasn't so busy that sports talk got in the way of general off-topic threads, it made it take longer to navigate to the sports conversation, and it made it an additional page you needed to check if you were interested in talking about other sports with the people on here.  Now, you can get to the Locker Room without having to go through Off-Topic first, but it still makes no sense for it to be a separate subforum because off-topic is even more of a deserted void than it used to be.  Right now the Locker Room and Off-Topic have a combined total of five threads that have been posted in over the past week, so separating them doesn't have any benefit and only makes the forum more segmented than it needs to be.


Also, it may be a longshot but a theory could be made that allowing the sports talk in the off-topic section could bring the forum a little back towards its more civil and personal days.  I feel like the off-topic section was where we got to know each other better, and taking discussions away from there has made off-topic less visited, and the lack of visitors is probably why nobody posts the fun off-topic threads we used to have because it is likely nobody will even see them.



Funny you should bring up the Locker Room and act like it's causing the board deterioration, I think the sports folder is pretty much the only place on the forum that hasn't been contaminated into a 'posters x and y bashing each other' and 'have the same argument z' the way the hockey forum has been in recent years, and you still have fun, intelligent banter/discussions in the football threads, the Mets thread in baseball and the other random threads that pop up there occasionally.  Precisely because the poster base there is smaller.  When you have more traffic on a site, you're going to get more of the whiny element, it's just the way it is.  That's why the Devils' Facebook is a wasteland...too much random traffic.


As far as why there isn't more off-topic posting, well part of it is just the people who were posting Off-Topic back then aren't on the forum anymore period for one reason or another.  You had younger posters then that are in a different place in their life and older posters that are just tired of the board...trust me I know, the longer you post in a particular place the more jaded you get about the board itself.  And the other part of it is the internet's different than it was even five years ago.  There are so many specialized sites out there to talk about whatever you want.  Twitter's exploded, Facebook's become bigger, there are a million more sites and hundreds of outlets to talk about whatever you want to online strangers.  Not wanting to scroll down an extra second to find Off-Topic isn't a valid reason why there isn't OT discussion.  It exists on the forum, it's there for when people want to use it, it's just not the first thing people are going to look for and jump into if they're new posters and see very little activity there.


To get to Tri's point, it really depends on the thread/purpose of it.  You could take a page out of HF's book and have certain stickied threads that get long (an Albany thread, a STH thread as Colin said).  Other threads could be more specialized and talk about specific things that happen and articles that get posted.  Rock used to post all the articles, now nobody's really taken that mantle.  And nobody wants to start threads based on Tweets.  That's I suppose another place where having a longer team specific thread like HF might help, Tweets get posted there and that fosters discussion.    


I agree the Rock forum's pretty much outlived its usefulness imo, it was created when the Prudential Center first opened with new info about Newark, and it was useful.  Now you could probably just devote thread(s) to the surrounding area here. 

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#1276560 2014 NJDevs FF Draft - We are finished!

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 29 August 2014 - 06:42 AM

You can pick now, the human rain delay texted his pick to CRASHER the post before yours.

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#1274625 Andy Greene Signed +5 years @ $5M Per Season

Posted by NJDevs4978 on 30 July 2014 - 05:24 PM

People are really complaining about five years when he would have easily got six years and probably six million or more on the open market?

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