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New Mobile Background?

31 October 2014 - 11:25 AM

Not a fan of it, the box to type everything in is very small now and the posts/topics are barely distingushable (when I think I'm clicking on one I'm clicking on another) and I can't use or find the PM box.

NJDevs Fantasy Hockey '14-15

05 September 2014 - 03:31 PM

If you've played Fantasy Hockey here before, it's going to be somewhat tweaked from the standard format this year (not scoring-wise though, and we're still doing Yahoo!), though I'm sure some of you have been expecting this based on my posts in the prior season thread.  Having twenty active teams in a non-keeper league is a bit unrealistic - it's also unrealistic to have a keeper league with frequent turnover every year - so I figured if we have to reduce the number of teams we might as well increase the roster spots and make it more like an NHL roster.  


So instead of the 20 teams, 18-man rosters we've had in the past (360 total players rostered plus IR's), this year we're trying a 14 team-league with 23-man rosters (322 total players rostered plus IR's). Not only will there be 23-man rosters but we'll have four starters at Center, four starters at LW, four starters at RW, six starters on D and one starter in goal...i.e. exactly like an NHL roster.  The only other roster change I made is increasing the # of IR slots to five - IR spots are unlimited in real hockey and they should be in fantasy too, but five is the max Yahoo allows.


If you're signing up and haven't played before it's a rotisserie scoring system with ten skater categories (Goals, Assist, Points, +/-, PP Points, SH Points, Game-winning goals, Faceoff wins, Hits and Blocks) along with four goalie categories (Wins, GAA, Save Pct and Shutouts).  You get points relative to your rank in each category - i.e. if you're tops in goal-scoing you get 14 points for that and so on...if you're last you get one point.  You also have an 82-game limit at each position, so for your forwards you'll be able to play 328 games at C, LW, RW (4*82) and 492 games on D (6*82) to go along with your 82 goalie games.


I sent out invites to the eight top finishers from last year (besides me) since nobody else from 10-20 had multiple moves or seemed very active.  So that's nine spots IF everyone signs back up.  If you are one of the aformentioned teams, check your e-mail that you used for the league last year since I just sent the invites out.  Ideally let me know if you choose to decline, if you don't sign up within a couple weeks I'll open the spot up for someone else.  Manta wants back in this year, so that would be ten...leaving at least four spots left - probably more if not everyone re-joins - for people that want a fantasy challenge that mirrors reality!  Just PM me and I'll send you the league ID# and password.


As usual we're having a live draft - currently I have it scheduled for Sunday October 5 at 8 PM (I checked, it's not a Jet or Giant game).  I wanted to have it as close to the season as possible but also on a weekend - but I'm usually busy Saturday nights and I suspect most are, so figured Sunday after football would be better.  


Since there are limited spots available I suggest if you aren't going to be very active and/or can't make the live draft then don't sign up, ideally I don't want dead teams before February this year :P  I also suggest for those that are signing up if you have any suggestions, rule tweaks, issues with the draft date or whatever - we still have a few weeks before the season to debate them so post here.


Time for some puck!