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this is a horrible team and lou sucks

11 December 2013 - 05:37 PM

this season is a waste of my time.  this is a horribly mediocre team.


does lou lamoriello honestly believe that this team can win a stanley cup?  look at this sh!t team.....its a joke.


it seems lou is content in having one of those middling teams that makes the playoffs some years and promptly get bounced out, or scrapes and claws its way through the end of the year only to get eliminated from playoff contention after losing a deciding regular season game to the fvcking carolina hurricanes in some stupid anti-climatic playoff "push", after marty goddamn brodeur lets in a goal with 3.8 seconds left in the motherfvcking game.


why we are keeping this piece of trash team afloat with guys like fvcking jaromir jagr or michael ryder? are you kidding me with this lou?


jagr is a guy that the boston bruins acquire on their way to a stanley cup run.  he should not be a team's leading motherfvcking scorer!


and the worst part is it's not going to get any better!  what do i have to look forward to next year? a solid young defense and a good goaltender, ok, yes.....where are the goals gonna come from lou?! this forward unit is pathetic group.  there's no way that they can be counted on to score for sh!t.


my question to lou is this: when did it become acceptable for you to ice mediocre teams that have NO chance in winning a stanley cup?