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In Topic: Devils are making their move

19 March 2015 - 03:47 PM

Because they're tacky and they hate you.



In Topic: GDT: NY Islanders @ New Jersey Devils 1/9/15 7pm

10 January 2015 - 09:17 AM

Don't get me wrong I like Kinkaid and I think he can be a solid goalie and probably a very nice backup right now but this team would be in dire straits this year or next year without Schneider.

As much as I harp on Lou for his failures lately the best move of the last four years or so was bringing in Schneider and revitalizing and solidifying the goalie spot.



It was the right move at the right time. If the Devils were staring down the barrel of a Marty swan song and there were no viable goalie in the system to replace him, that would be a very scary thought. I think Lou knows this team is bad and that's why he's behind the bench. I think PDB knew this team was bad. I think that the Devils players know they're a bad team.


Now call me an idiot for speculating, but I just don't see how all of this is Lou and PDB's fault. I really believe that the previous ownership situation seriously handcuffed this franchise and we're still feeling the effects. This team lost a massive amount of productivity when Zach, Clarky, and Kovy left. I sincerely think that Vanderbeek's deteriorating financial situation and his persistence on re-signing Kovy are huge reasons Lou didn't extend his top FA's. He made knee jerk reaction signings as he has in the past and they simply failed. But I simply do not believe Lou didn't kick tires or make offers on better free agents than the likes of Michael Ryder, Olez, Brunner, etc. I think the pool was dry and we're just simply not an attractive team to FA's. Hopefully we're sellers at the deadline and we can stock up on picks for a re-build. It's already happening I think. Lou is building from goal out. Next step, useful forwards. 

In Topic: GDT: Tampa @ Devils 7 PM Kinkaid in net

20 December 2014 - 12:23 PM

My two favorite things that KK brings and that Cory does not seem to be comfortable with are an active glove that seems to allow him to control the tempo of the game a bit, and a (comparatively) decent ability to play the puck. I know Cory's numbers are good and his results are more a product of no goal support, but I think KK's style is more complimentary to this Devils team. They are old, they are slow, and they don't clean up well around the net. By the eye test, I think Kinkaids glove has really helped the team in the games he's started. Also, and again I'm just speculating, he seems to have great rebound control and does a great job cradling pucks when they're shot at the body. I'm no Cory hater by any means; I really think he's a terrific puck stopper, but I really hope KK can keep this up and demand more starts.