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In Topic: Salvador Retires - The Players's Tribune

03 September 2015 - 11:25 AM

Gotta feel for and respect the guy for all he went through.


Never boo'd him, but boy did I despise seeing him out on the ice towards the end there.


And yeah, as others have said already.. that 3yr contract is a perfect example of the "loyalty" contracts that got Lou into so much trouble over the years.  Hoping we'll never see those kind of deals handed out again.


Salvador was always well spoken - give him JMac's.. ya know, his job between the benches or something.  Ya know, something that'll keep him busy and involved in the game of hockey ya know.


I read this and immediately thought back to Daneyko's article on Lou. In there he said something about how he knew from early on when Lou got there that if you played his way and played your roll to his standards, you would be taken care of. And I think that extended beyond the contracts. Lou constantly brought in family members of players on the big club that seemingly weren't there to be real depth or developing players for Albany etc. There's something about that mentality that I will miss, but I understand why it can't be that way anymore. 


Re: Sal


This article, for me, shad shed light on why he was chosen for the Captaincy. As a player I can't say i was ever all that supportive of him, but he's obviously a very quality person and that IS easy to get behind. He will be an excellent ambassador for the Devils and hockey in NJ and I"m very happy his priority is to stay with the organization and in the area.