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In Topic: Danton

20 October 2002 - 11:40 PM

Danton should not have been scratched.
The main problem facing the Devils right now is goal scoring and Steve Guolla is not going to remedy that in any shape or form.

With that being said, who the hell does Mike Jefferson/Danton think he is?
Questioning the decision of Pat Burns?
Is he kidding?
Is he on crack?
There's a reason why 1st year players are called rookies and not 1st year players.....

As much as I think the team needs a guy like him, I've had enough. Package him with Zyuzin and/or Albelin and get a scoring forward in here....

In Topic: Devils-3 Predators-2 Ot

20 October 2002 - 11:13 PM

This "one soft goal a game" stuff is pure crap.

I guess you're not watching the games.....

In Topic: Devils-3 Predators-2 Ot

20 October 2002 - 11:12 PM

Marty should have stopped both goals tonight. Very stoppable shots. I still don't think the Ottawa goal was Marty's fault.

But what I find humorous is that Kyydax is up at 2am, still providing information on his Brodeur fixation. I hope you have other hobbies, Kyydax, or else your life must be pretty empty.

It's good to see that you are not totally blinded by your fandom and can tell a bad goal when you see one.

But what does when I post have anything to do with anything?

Or maybe you just couldn't agree with what I had to say without trying to put a negative spin on it?

Oh and by the way, it's called shift work.

In Topic: Devils-3 Predators-2 Ot

20 October 2002 - 10:59 PM

Yes he should have had his leg against the post, and it was at a bad time.

He wasn't the only Devil to make mistakes last night. If we're going to take Brodeur to task for that goal then I think some of the other gaffes should be pointed out.

What was Madden thinking when he could have just tapped it into an empty net in the 1st? Oh that's right he did tap it but he tapped it wide.

Elias as a player should have known Trotz(sp?) would pull that stick check move since he did it to Jagr on opening night.

What the hell was Lagenbruner doing on the pp? He muffed three good passes that could have been great scoring chances?

I like Madden, but his whole line shouldn't be out on the pp for extended minutes at a time.

Why did White have to give the Predator a shot to the head while killing a penalty?

All the players I mentioned also had very good plays during that game.

How about you Kyydax, can you admit Brodeur made some good plays during that game or through the first games of this season? How about a career?

The Devils as a team overcame the individual mistakes. That's why hockey is a team game.

The difference between the players you mention and Brodeur is that you don't see anyone saying John Madden is a top 3 forward in the NHL. Ditto Colin White and Jaime Langenbrunner.

And believe me, if anyone tried to tell me that Colin White was a top 3 d-man in the league, worthy of the Norris, I'd shoot them to shreds just like I do with the Brodeurites and Brodeur....

And yes, obviously Brodeur has made some good plays. It's just a shame he has to cancel them out by allowing goals like the 2nd Predator goal....

In Topic: Devils-3 Predators-2 Ot

20 October 2002 - 10:53 PM

You're right Kyy, Brodeur does let in softies at bad times, but then he bails himself, and the team out by make 3 or 4 great saves. In all 3 games played so far, he made atleast 3 BIG saves late in the 3rd that normal goalies (like schwab) wouldn't even stop.

You're correct about that, but that is no way to goaltend.
In the end, it usually comes back to haunt you, and unfortunately for us, it comes back to haunt us in playoff OT.

Give me a guy who stops all the shots he is supposed to stop, over a guy who pulls saves out of his butt, but will then allow a blue line shot.....