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Whats Barry Going To do now?

15 September 2004 - 04:02 PM

my question is what is ESPN's Barry Melrose going to do now that the NHL may not start until Jan. or even at all?
It is not like he has any great other skills or anything! To cover other sports like the others, that is.

Two Out of Three Devils...

24 August 2004 - 09:30 PM

Team USA made an apperence in my hometown at a local mall in Columbus, Ohio on SAt. afternoon. They had a nice ceremony introducing the players, they had the players set up on a stage, not very far from the fences, or the audience. I had a FANTASTIC view of Jamie Langenbrunner. He looked great! All casual in jeans and flip flops and very cool shades. And after the ceremony the players walked out to the fences to sign autographs. (Which I do not know that they were going to do or I would have come better prepared!) SO I improvised and used the magazine they were handing out about the World Cup and had the players sign it. I knew I would not be able to get everyones signature so I set out a plan of attack. I wanted the three Devils on the team first off, but of course they ended up on the other side. SO I went about collecting others like Modano, Drury, Chelios, Hull. And Rick Dipietro. (I never cared for him untill that day, but he was such a nice guy! I couldn't find my pen for him to sign and he was patient and thanked me for coming) I was surprised, however that Modano and Cheli were not very personable.
Then FINALLY I saw Jamie walking past and he ambled over oh-so-causally-and I got his signature. He was taller than I thought and very nice. I always thought that he was cute and all. But he looks even better in person. Alot of the guys did.
I did also get Gomez, he had taken off his jersey and almost got passed me but I reconized him and called him over. He signed, and I set out to look for Rafalski
But he never did appear. But I was still pleased that I got two out of three of the Devils.

Team USA Rolls Into Ohio

21 August 2004 - 09:53 AM

Nationwide Arena in downtown Columbus, Ohio will play host as the training camp for team USA for the World Cup. Columbus has dedicated this week as Team USA Week and even changed the name of the street in front of Nationwide from NAtionwide BLVD to Team USA Blvd. There is to be a huge welcomming ralley to introduce the team to be held later on at local mall, as well as other festivites planned to celebrate the week.
It is so nice to see my hometown get excited about somthing other than OSU football. They are opening up the practices at the arena today to the public. So I will get to check out the team before the prelim game against Canada on Monday night. Which we have tixs to also. I will be excited to see all my fav players on ice at the same time. I will not know who to watch the most Brodeur, Sakic, Neider, Lang, What a great dilema. :D

The Things You see After Midnight

10 August 2004 - 07:15 PM

A friend and I were driving down the road the other night, and she started pointing out the window. And when I looked I saw these two guys running down the street, with no clothes on. Naturally I did a double take and slowed down to make sure that what I was seeing was right. And sure enough two teenagers were running down a residental street, (by a church no less) naked, no I take that back, they did have running shoes on. Apparently it was important to protect their feet.
Go figure.

Best NHL city

04 August 2004 - 08:34 PM

To find my choice you have to go south of the Canadian boarder, (not much though!) to the home of the Minnesota Wild in St. Paul, Minnesota. If you have ever been to the Xcel Center or even watched them on tv you will find that they have very rabid hockey fans. This strong fan base can be traced back to the rich heritage of hockey that starts back in youth programs and blossoms into strong high school and collegent teams. The whole state and even boardering ones like North Dakota (Grand Forks, home of UND sits right on the Red River sperating ND from MN) are rich with young hockey talent. You can find many NHLers that have come from these areas. (Jordan Leopold, Golden Valley, MN, Jason Blake, Grand Forks ND, Dan Hinote, Elk River, MN and of course three from the Devils alone in Paul Martin, Erik Rasmussen, and Jamie Langenbrunner)
Hockey is very much alive in this this US state.