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#1234373 GDT - 12/23 Devils at Blackhawks

Posted by leeski on 24 December 2013 - 01:04 AM

The fact that we only managed 12 shots should be the main topic in this thread, not Schneider's performance.

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#1186350 Is this the worst stretch of luck in NHL history?

Posted by leeski on 13 April 2013 - 01:02 PM

NJ is 17th in shots on goal per game at 28.4

NJ is 29th in goals per game at 2.29.


Look at Carolina, another feeble team:

1st in shots on goal per game at 32.7
17th in goals per game at 2.58


Perhaps the most interesting example: Tampa Bay


28th in shots on goal per game at 26.6

Tied for 2nd in goals per game at 3.15

The teams that put up the most goals are unsurprising - teams like Pittsburgh, Chicago, Tampa Bay. These are teams which have FINISHING power; multiple players that when the puck hits the stick are dangerous. Ironically the two teams with the highest SOG per game, #1Carolina and #2Ottawa, are among the most unsuccessful in the league.

The Devils' problem in my opinion is that they don't have enough finishing players. Endlessly cycling the puck to create high-shot ratio/low-scoring chance opportunities isn't working, especially if the shots are coming from our top 6 which aren't exactly feared around the league. We had better hope that Reid Boucher works out well at an NHL level.

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